Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Other Celebrities Unhappy With Instagram Changes

Like many of us who logged into Instagram yesterday, many celebrities saw the new Terms of Use and decided to leave, says TMZ.

Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Kate Walsh are among many claiming the Instagram changes are outrageous.

The celebrity mutiny has already begun over the fact that Instagram will now be less than apologetically using its users’ photos in advertisements without their consent.

Really sad to have to end my luv 4 @instagram. Will be deleting my account due 2 their ridiculous new terms.

— Tiffani Thiessen (@TAThiessen) December 18, 2012

What was once known as a popular image hosting site could easily be seeing a migration much like Myspace suffered after Zynga began their financial powerhouse gaming system on Facebook with applications like Farmville and Cafe World.
Instagram’s new assertion is that it may now receive business revenue to use your photos and various posted data “in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you,” according to the Miami Herald.

No more Instagram

— Kate Walsh (@katewalsh) December 18, 2012

Its integration with Facebook was what started it all, a site that already uses your photo and targeted marketing details to put ads in front of you, clearly stating that it is a sponsored advertisement. However, Instagram is saying that it will not always clearly state what is an ad and what isn’t.

Free use of your photos in ads that may not even be noticeable? This is what has very famous people in an uproar. Certain models would undoubtedly delete their accounts because their pictures are clearly meant to be used only by the photographer, and Instagram will treat such a blatant violation of copyrights as “part of the agreement”. It’s in there.

Click here to see Instagram’s Terms of Use.