Does Danielle Mullins From ’90 Day Fiance’ Have Special Needs? Some Fans Seem To Think So

Does Danielle Mullins from 90 Day Fiance have special needs? That’s the question fans have been asking after Reddit users carefully analyzed her speech, her eyes, and other characteristics and came to some startling conclusions.

As In Touch Weekly reports, the ball got rolling when a user asked, perhaps innocently, “Is there something medically or psychologically wrong with Danielle? Possibly some kind of disorder? Or perhaps a borderline IQ?”

The answer, of course, will probably never be known, short of Danielle or TLC releasing the results of her medical tests, IQ tests, and psychological profiles, which isn’t going to happen.

So what’s the “evidence” that Danielle might be developmentally disabled? Well, per Reddit, here’s what viewers were able to come up with.

  • She just doesn’t seem very bright: However, as anyone in the Social Services industry will tell you, the line between “developmentally disabled” and “just not especially smart” is both thin and arbitrary. For example, if the State of Florida deems that someone can get special state funding for developmental disabilities if their IQ is 70, then someone with an IQ of 71 is basically left on their own.

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She’s certainly made decisions and done things in her life that an intelligent person probably wouldn’t do. For example, she married a guy she met online after only five months of communication, most of it over the internet. And her marriage was a complete disaster, beset by allegations of fraud, cheating, and theft. Of course, a bad marriage can happen to anyone, regardless of their intelligence.

  • Her eyes: More than one fan has pointed out that Danielle, and other members of her family, wear thick glasses.

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How Reddit users were able to conclude that she must have some sort of cognitive or developmental disability simply because of her glasses is unclear. She could just, you know, have bad eyesight.

Allegations of having developmental disabilities aside, Danielle has definitely had a rough way to go. In fact, so nasty was there divorce that it even led to allegations that her ex-husband, Tunisia native Mohamed Jbali, was rumored to have died or been deported after their marriage. Fortunately (or, unfortunately, depending on your point of view), Jbali is alive and well, and still living happily in Florida.

Do you believe that Danielle Mullins might be developmentally disabled? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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