Louise Linton Instagram Drama — 40-Year-Old Black Man ‘Ralphale’: So Glad To Have Class Back In Our Government

The Instagram page of Louise Linton has gone private, but the controversy surrounding Linton’s ostentatious show of wealth is just heating up on Instagram and elsewhere online. One specific comment made by a man whose Instagram handle is “Ralphale” (now deleted) is getting loads of attention in the wake of the backlash Linton has received. As reported by the Daily Mail, Louise, the wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, got tons of backlash when Linton uploaded a photo to Instagram as Louise exited a “United States of America” taxpayer-funded plane as Steve visited Fort Knox. Linton included hashtags that referenced her Hermes scarf and Valentino rock-stud heels, and that didn’t go over well with all of Linton’s Instagram followers.

When one Instagram user commented that she was glad that taxpayers could fund Linton’s getaway, Louise snapped back that she probably pays more taxes than any of her Instagram followers and others. However, what is really sticking out is the Instagram comment by “Ralphale,” as seen in the below photo. Ralphale describes himself as a 40-year-old black man who was glad to see class return to the government. Ralphale also wrote that the #MAGA men have gorgeous women on their arms, the likes of which Ralphale hopes to find in a wife.

Notably, Ralphale’s comment did not go over well with Instagram users, nor Twitter users, and while Louise Linton is currently trending on Twitter, Ralphale is getting his fair share of attention, too.

Some of the comments that Ralphale is receiving are likening Ralphale to a guy who has been hypnotized into the “Sunken Place,” as seen in the hit movie, Get Out. Others are calling Ralphale out and out names.

“Someone save ‘ralphale’ from the Sunken Place.”

“Ok but Ralphale is so pressed for acceptance.”

“In all of this, the comment that blows me away is Ralphale. Wow. Just wow.”

“Love reply by #Ralphale.”

“Not for nothing, but ralphale sounds like quite the a**hole as well.”

Ralphale [Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]

“I’m seriously curious about this Ralphale guy in IG. His account seems deleted but he appeared to be a bot. The things they need…”

“Ralphale ain’t no Black Man. These people have no shame.”

“..can we talk about Ralphale’s comment?”

“Can someone please tell ‘ralphale’ he is wrong and women are not objects.”

At least one person wrote on Twitter that they liked Ralphale’s Instagram comment, while others are quite surprised by it. Ralphale has a private Instagram account as of this writing. Keep up with all the Ralphale drama on Twitter, as he goes viral as well as Linton.

Folks have been posting screenshots from the Ralphale Instagram account, which describes him as an “Alpha Male.” The LinkedIn account that was once linked in Ralphale’s Instagram profile belongs to Joey Norris.

Linton’s comments calling a mother-of-three “out of touch” — after Louise was raised in a castle in Scotland — are being noted as much as her $15,000 or more wardrobe. Linton’s Birkin bag wasn’t lost on viewers as much as Ralphale’s comment defending Louise.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]