Tenichia Wafford: Rapper Mystikal's Rape Accuser Lied -- Averweone Holman aka Lil Hood, Michael Tyler Arrested

Tenichia Wafford is claiming that Mystikal's rape accuser is lying about being raped by the rapper, whose legal name is Michael Tyler. The police wanted Mystikal arrested again after a warrant was issued for both Tyler and a 26-year-old friend named Averweone Holman. Mystikal's rape charges are for "first-degree rape." He and his female friend, Wafford, recently turned themselves into Caddo Parish Sheriff's Department.

The rapper turned himself to police on early Monday afternoon. Later that day, Wafford turned herself into a Louisiana jail. Holman and a woman named Jessica Banks were arrested by the U.S. Marshals Task Force in Killeen. According to the Killeen Daily Herald, the woman was arrested for assaulting a police officer

Tyler and Holman's bail has been set at $2 million each. Wafford was wanted in connection with the alleged rape because she allegedly sought out Mystikal's rape accuser to convince her to drop charges. According to KCEN-TV, a warrant was later issued for Wafford's arrest, charging her with "one count of Accessory After the Fact to First Degree Rape with a bond set at $200,000."

According to TMZ, Tenichia Wafford is claiming she can prove that rapper Mystikal's rape allegations are false. Wafford claims she is a friend of the alleged victim, and when they spoke on the phone, the accuser allegedly "told her there was no rape."

"It's unclear if Tenichia is saying the alleged victim stated there was sexual contact with consent or no sexual contact at all," TMZ reported. "Tenichia says she recorded her conversation with the alleged victim."

Wafford claims that the alleged rape victim is trying to cover up the fact that she allegedly "ditched" her boyfriend on the night the rape allegedly took place to have sex with another man.

"She said, 'Ain't nobody did nothing to her.' This is some bulls**t though. If I would have known all that I wouldn't have called her," Wafford said. "Now all of a sudden I got a charge."

The TMZ report concluded by asking why Tenichia was "still on the run. It's unclear why she doesn't go to the cops and try and explain things." Wafford apparently turned herself into the police shortly after speaking to TMZ. As of this publishing, Wafford has not released any additional statements.

The DNA of both Mystikal and Holman was found in the alleged rape victim. The rape allegedly occurred sometime in 2016 after Mystikal had a concert at a Shreveport casino in his home state of Louisiana.

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