’90 Day Fiance’ Salaries Revealed

90 Day Fiancé is one of TLC’s most successful and talked about shows, but how much do the reality stars actually make from their appearances? According to recent reports, it isn’t as much as most people think, and in fact, isn’t much at all.

While some reality stars can rake in $100,000 or more per season (it has been rumored that the mothers on Teen Mom earn up to $350,000 per season), it was recently revealed that the stars of the TLC staple only earn about $7,000 per season. Not only that, but since the non-American partner is not allowed to work without a green card, he or she doesn’t even get paid a cent to appear on the show until he or she gets approved. Once that happens, they join the ranks of earning the meager salary of their partner.

It is unclear why the reality TV show pays so little, especially since it has proved so popular that it has been renewed several times over the course of the years it’s been on television, with audiences eager to find out what happens to the couples even after they get married. This has inspired a spin-off series, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, in which the camera crews document the good, the bad, and sometimes ugly — as in the case of Danielle and Mohamed, who have ultimately called it quits.


Some have wondered if the relationships the couples are in are actually real or a byproduct of the television show, but Anfisa, one of the more contentious members of the cast, has weighed in to let fans know that her relationship with Jorge is most definitely real. The relationships also have their own real-life consequences when it comes to whether they work out. In Danielle and Mohamed’s case, she attempted to get an annulment, which would result in him being sent back to Tunisia immediately.

Mohamed has stated that he decided to move back to his hometown of Tunis, Tunisia, voluntarily, but it appears that he’s still hanging out in the United States, with his latest social media posts tagging him somewhere in Florida.


[Featured Image by Anfisa Arkhipchenko/Instagram]