The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Are Living In A Luxury Hotel, And Fans Are None Too Pleased About It

It’s perhaps no secret that the Alaskan Bush People — the family and the show — have some elements of fakery about them. And while this isn’t the first time that the family and the show have been accused of being fake, it is the first time there’s been hard evidence about the accusation. What’s more, now that the news is out about the family’s latest snafu, fans are none too pleased about it.

According to Radar Online, the Alaskan Bush People — the Brown family, led by patriarch Billy Brown — moved to Los Angeles to be close to matriarch Ami Brown as she battles stage 4 cancer. And while this in and of itself wasn’t surprising — nor was it frowned upon by fans — what was surprising is where, exactly, the family chose to live: a luxury hotel!

The hotel, which is located in the tony district of Beverly Hills, is the second residence of the family — the first residence is Ami Brown’s 2,000-square-foot mansion located near Malibu Beach, where she’s recovering from her cancer treatments.

Radar Online took some exclusive pictures of the Alaskan Bush People in their “home away from home,” and the amenities are staggering. In addition to an outdoor Jacuzzi, Ami’s mansion boasts a staggering five bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms. For the family’s part, the luxury hotel includes an on-site spa, where Gabe Brown — who recently announced that he will not be returning to Alaskan Bush People — has been getting daily facials.

The hotel, which goes by The Beverly Hills and has been around for quite a number of years, has rooms that go for up to $5,000 a night! Perhaps Discovery is picking up the tab?

Now, there’s no fan on Earth who can blame the Brown family for moving to Los Angeles to be near Ami while she undergoes cancer treatments. But what makes fans wonder about the Alaskan Bush People is all the money they’ve been spending to live the “high life” while Ami battles cancer, especially since they claim to be “down to Earth” people who prefer to live in “the bush” of Alaska as opposed to the city.

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  • The Brown family — including Ami — were also recently spotted shopping in all the high-end stores in Los Angeles.

    That said, too, according to Radar Online, Ami’s cancer is unfortunately inoperable. So, it’s highly likely that the Brown family is spoiling Ami in her last days (though there have also been some reports that Ami’s getting better, as well).

    So, fans of the show, tell us! What do you think of this latest Alaskan Bush People news? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

    [Featured Image by Discovery Networks]