Savannah Chrisley Reportedly Blames Dad Todd Chrisley For Scaring Luke Kennard Off

The blame for the break-up of Savannah Chrisley and NBA player Luke Kennard has been put on Savannah Chrisley in the media for putting too much pressure too fast on Kennard, but now sources say it wasn't Savannah but Todd Chrisley who was pushing Kennard into a serious relationship. Sources say that Todd had decided that Luke Kennard was the one and he pushed Savannah to make it happen.

In the past, the star of Chrisley Knows Best Todd Chrisley always viewed Savannah's beaus with suspicion, but he fell in love with Luke Kennard, Kennard's family, and their solid values. Todd has been concerned about Savannah dating any professional athletes, but Chrisley was particularly averse to NBA players, whom he called "ho hounds." But Chrisley liked Luke Kennard immediately and trusted him with Savannah. Todd Chrisley seemed to be in love, and even urged Savannah to bring Kennard on the Chrisley family vacation to Aruba.

"Honestly, I wasn't [afraid] because, for the first time, he's an awesome human being. There was no hesitation about it. It started off very pure and right. [Todd] was involved from the very beginning. That's the way to do it."
But while others might have seen the split of Savannah Chrisley and Luke Kennard coming, Todd Chrisley didn't. While Savannah, 20, seemed to be in love with Luke Kennard, 21, Todd Chrisley was gushing, and it all reportedly got to be too much too soon for the NBA rookie. Sources say that Kennard felt pressured.
"Todd wanted Luke and Savannah to happen so badly. Todd really just started to freak Luke the f**k out!"
Luke allegedly was uncomfortable with Todd Chrisley singing his praises in the media. To Kennard, it seemed over the top for such a new dating relationship. Kennard saw Todd Chrisley trying to suck him into marriage with Savannah, and also into Chrisley Knows Best.
"We love him. He's a good, decent, honest, honorable young man. He's very strong and committed to his faith. His family are quality, good, decent people."
Savannah Chrisley and Luke Kennard had just been dating for a few months when he went on a vacation with the Chrisley family to Aruba where Savannah told people that Luke was the "love of her life." As soon as Kennard returned home, he broke things off with Savannah.
"While they were on vacation, Todd was just way too much for Luke to handle. He told Savannah that her father was not his publicist or his keeper."
But after the break-up with Kennard was announced, Savannah Chrisley seemed to take responsibility for the split blaming her focus on her career.

"The last four months I've been dating Luke have been great but as a young woman of faith I made the decision that with where Luke and I both are in our careers, it was best to part as friends rather than deal with the pressures of wondering if you are the only one."


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Chrisley also mentioned her age as being a factor for being in such a serious relationship, but she said that she will forever love the Kennard family.

Todd Chrisley has yet to comment on the break-up with Kennard.

Do you think that Todd Chrisley is to blame for Savannah's split from Luke Kennard?

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