Has Jinger Duggar Vuolo Been Disowned By Her Family?

Every so often, rumors surface on the internet about the Duggar family, and the latest is that Jinger Duggar, the sixth child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, has been disowned by her mega-family. Recently, Jinger has been spotted doing some very non-Duggar like things, which include traveling with her husband, wearing pants, and possibly using birth control. It is uncertain whether or not Jinger and her husband are using contraceptives, but in the Duggar lifestyle, this is a big no-no, considering Michelle Duggar has stated that women should be able to have as many children as possible. Jinger is the only Duggar (aside from Joy-Anna, though she just got married less than three months ago) to get married and not have announced a pregnancy.

Because of all of these scandals, some fans speculate that Jinger Duggar has actually been disowned by her very conservative family and is instead, living her best life in Laredo, Texas, with her husband where she looks incredibly happy. There hasn’t been a plethora of evidence of this, but there has been some speculation based on the fact that she has not only moved away but hasn’t been pictured in a ton of Duggar family photos.


Although the family may not be 100 percent happy with Jinger’s decisions, it seems this rumor doesn’t really have a lot of truth to it. The recently married Jinger has even flown home a few times to attend weddings and other events with her siblings, so if she had been disowned, it likely would be a bit more of a controversy and much more obvious.

The Counting On star, however, has certainly rattled some of the more conservative fans of the Duggars, who believe that she is dressing immodestly by deciding to wear pants and sleeveless tops.

She recently stunned the Duggar fandom by wearing colored pink jeans and Air Jordans. Although a normal outfit for most people, by the Duggar standards, this was absolutely scandalous.

Due to the very nature of the Duggar family and the secrecy they often hide behind, it can be easy to see how some of these rumors start and without much provocation.


[Featured Image by Jinger Duggar/Instagram]