Son Repeatedly Stabs His Mother As She Told Him She Loved Him — Then Stabs Himself

A man stabbed his mother as she told him she loved him, according to an inquest jury hearing.

Melvin James, 36, reportedly knifed his 59-year-old mother Lynette James after fatally wounding his sister, Anne-Marie, inside their flat in Wolverhampton back in March, the Daily Mail reports.

After being stabbed repeatedly, Mrs. James fled to the bathroom and managed to lock the door before ringing 999 to alert the police that she had been stabbed. During the phone conversation, she told the police that she can feel herself “slipping away.”

Police officers Tasered and hit James with a baton but were forced to retreat, according to BBC.

Before long, an armed response unit stormed the flat, smashing a hole through the door and throwing flash grenades into the opening. Upon entering they discovered that James had stabbed himself. It was only by then that they were able to subdue him with a Taser. After turning him over, the police discovered “serious abdominal injuries.” James was provided with medical treatment but died at the scene. Anne-Marie reportedly died due to stabbing injuries inflicted on her by her brother.

His mother was taken to the hospital and lived to tell her harrowing experience at the inquest.

During an inquest jury hearing, Mrs. James gave a heartbreaking account of the incident.

She said she was taking a shower when her daughter Anne-Marie called out to her.

“I sensed and felt something was seriously wrong,” she wrote in her account, as read by Black Country senior coroner Zafar Siddique.

“I decided to run into the lounge and call the concierge from the phone. I saw Melvin by the kitchen and he ripped the phone off the wall,” her hearing read.

“His eyes were red, fixed and he was staring at me. He plunged the knife into me, again and again.

“I said, ‘I love you, son.’”

Mrs. James also recalled that her son and daughter were “happy and laughing” only a week before.

She said that on the night before the incident, her son, who was unemployed, was in a “strange mood.” The following morning, she noticed her son had opened all the windows. She recalled that he appeared to be “hot and sweating” that particular morning.

She and her daughter both “agreed something was wrong with Melvin,” which led them to decide to ask their doctor for some advice.

The inquest also heard from Melvin’s younger brother Leon James.

Back in February, he went to a hospital in Scotland to collect his older brother, who was admitted for a “medical episode.” He then brought him to live at their mom’s home.

“He was taken to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, initially as a voluntary patient,” he said.

“He made some progress and was discharged on February 10, with a diagnosis of drug-induced psychosis.”

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