Miranda Lambert Refuses To Perform Blake Shelton Inspired Song After Latest Drama

Miranda Lambert is being called out as an “a**” for a “poor” show after she mysteriously left the stage early during a concert.

The singer had fans lashing out on social media following what some claimed was a “disaster” performance in Scotland after she failed to perform an encore. Some are claiming that she decided to finish the performance early and refused to finish her show for the crowd.

Concertgoers slammed the star for mysteriously leaving the stage without performing her hit “Tin Man” (widely rumored to be about her ex-husband, Blake Shelton) or one of her other biggest tracks, “Gunpowder and Lead,” at the end of her concert at Glasgow Clyde on August 21.

Lambert’s Scottish fans seriously weren’t happy with the singer and weren’t afraid to make their frustration known on Twitter.

“Clearly her decision to leave Glasgow early,” @dosdale_holly added of Lambert skipping out on an encore, dispelling speculation the venue or other factors could have prevented her from finishing her set. “A tweet won’t cover the fact she’s an a**.”

Miranda Lambert called out for failing to perform Blake Shelton hit in Glasgow

Another claimed the star had a “strop” – suggesting she was in a bad mood towards the end of the concert – and refused to perform the song thought to be inspired by Blake or her popular 2007 single.

Miranda hasn’t yet confirmed why she left the stage early, though a report by Country At Heart claimed that the country star was allegedly overheard saying that she wasn’t happy with how her band was treated during the concert.

According to concertgoers, a selection of fans booed a member of Lambert’s band after she told the crowd he was English, which may have been why she left the stage early.

Others then brought her former husband Blake into the equation to poke fun at the star for the poor show.

Notably, Shelton appeared to throw a serious diss at his former wife earlier this year after she performed “Tin Man” at the ACM Awards in April, seemingly confirming the song is about him.

It seems like Miranda just can’t seem to escape her former husband right now, as her apparent refusal to perform an encore comes after her latest drama with her former husband. Other fans also speculated that could be why the star didn’t want to perform “Tin Man” for the Scottish crowd.

The concert backlash comes just days after her and former husband Shelton’s fans threw the former couple back together, despite their divorce two years ago.

Miranda Lambert slammed for poor show after failing to perform Blake Shelton song

The latest Blake drama went down after both he and Miranda performed as part of ABC’s coverage of CMA Fest 2017 last week, which had social media users throwing their names back together and bringing up their split.

Fans watching highlights of the show – which happened in Nashville last month – commented on the former couple with some even claiming that they were seemingly singing about each other on stage.

“Idk how Blake and Miranda are at the same place [right now] both singing about how much they loved each other,” one fan tweeted, though the two actually performed on separate nights. “That s*** would f**k me up so bad.”

Both are now in serious relationships with other people, as Miranda is reportedly getting serious with R&B singer Anderson East while Blake has made no secret of his romance with Gwen Stefani.

[Featured Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for CMT]