Katy Perry Addresses Orlando Bloom Rekindled Romance Rumors As She Uses The Word ‘Love’ When Talking About Him

Recently, rumors began circulating that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry were back together after the two were spotted taking in an Ed Sheeran concert in Los Angeles at the Staples Center on August 12. Although the couple previously dated for about 10 months, before splitting in February, it seems that they still enjoy each other’s company. While the two may have been together for the concert, this does not necessarily mean that the two have officially reunited as a couple, and with fans wondering about the status of their relationship, Perry actually addressed the rumors about the famous duo.

According to E! News, the singer was very candid about her feelings in regards to Bloom, as she talked about their reunion, even if she would not outright commit to them being back together. Instead, Katy Perry explained that she feels that people will come in and out of a person’s life, and for her it is all about keeping the “people you love around you.” Although the singer did not specifically say she loved Orlando Bloom, the comments came as part of the interview in which she was specifically asked about their status as a couple. Rather than give a definitive answer to whether or not they were together again, Katy Perry continued by saying that as a person gets older one will find that the “lines get blurred.”

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom

Even when she was pressed for more of an answer in terms of whether or not they were dating again, Perry said that right now she is “really busy” and will be back out on another year-long tour coming up, according to Us Weekly. Right now, it seems as if they are both dealing with busy schedules and this means that the singer is in no rush to put a label on what they are in regards to them being a couple. Instead, for now, they are simply enjoying still being a part of each other’s lives.

Katy Perry

As Refinery29 pointed out, Katy Perry’s answer to the rumors seems to fall in line with the idea of putting herself and her own goals first. Not only is she attempting to squash her longstanding feud with Taylor Swift, but she has been very open lately about her struggles emotionally.

While Katy Perry had no problem talking about the fact that Orlando Bloom is clearly someone she loves, she is not rushing to label them or even rushing back into anything. Instead, the singer is focusing on herself and her career.

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