Taylor Swift Drops 80k On Harry Styles’ Christmas Present

Taylor Swift isn’t being shy about showing just how much she loves One Direction’s heartthrob Harry Styles. The two have been an item for longer than a month, so going by Swift’s history that’s a huge deal. That said, it’s not that surprising that Swift would want to drop thousands of dollars on her beau for Christmas, mainly because she can.

As far as great declarations of love, nothing says I love you like $80,000 of Beatles memorabilia — at least in the case of Styles and Swift. It may just be a sign of her sincerity that she would want to spend so much money on Styles so quickly, but then again, this is the same person that bought a compound next to the Kennedy’s because of her once-blossoming love with Conor Kennedy.

According to London’s Daily Star, a bunch of Beatles memorabilia is the perfect gift for Christmas. A source from the tabloid spoke about their extravagant love, “Harry spent £900 [$1500] on Taylor for her recent birthday, and now she wants to repay the favour – and then some. In addition, he gave Swift 23 cupcakes for her birthday last week, and a $650 Jimmy Choo bag and earrings.

Although this seems like a promising relationship just going by the price tags, in the past sources close to Swift have voiced their own concern about the relationship. However, Swift seems to have moved to the next step with Harry, as it was reported that she introduced him to her best friend Emma Stone.

Do you think this is a sign of having too much money, or lasting love for Swift?