Chrissy Teigen Talks About Her Battle With Alcohol, Says She Was Drinking 'Too Much'

Chrissy Teigen is keeping it real as she addresses her relationship with alcohol. The 31-year-old recently had an interview with Cosmopolitan as she confessed to "drinking too much" during hair and makeup and while attending award shows.

"I got used to being in hair and makeup and having a glass of wine. Then that glass of wine would carry over into me having one before the awards show. And then a bunch at the awards show."
The model also mentioned how alcohol has affected her behavior in the past, which is something she regrets.
"And then I felt bad for making kind of an a** of myself to people that I really respected. And that feeling, there's just nothing like that. You feel horrible. It's not a good look for me, for John, for anybody."
Teigen has been seen acting intoxicated on some of her past Snapchat stories as she attended events with her husband. Chrissy made headlines at the beginning of the year as people called her drunken Grammy Snapchats "hilarious."

The next morning, Chrissy was seen on Snapchat wearing sunglasses as she addressed how she was feeling the day after attending the Grammys. While it seems most people found her alcohol-induced antics funny, Teigen feels differently about her behavior.

Chrissy Teigen discusses her relationship with alcohol, says she's been drinking too much
Chrissy Teigen attends the 2017 Grammys. [Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]

The mother of one continued to admit she was "point blank, just drinking too much" before deciding to work on changing her habit, according to the Cosmo interview.

In addition to having alcohol abuse run in her family, Teigen said she shouldn't be consuming alcohol because she's currently taking postpartum depression and anxiety medications. She also mentioned she's not the type of person to stop at just one drink.

She added that nobody brought up her drinking as she believes her friends and family assumed it was "okay." However, Teigen said she knew in her heart that her drinking habits were not okay as she became very "short" with those around her.

Because of this, Teigen has decided to work on reducing her alcohol consumption as she seeks to live a healthier lifestyle. She and husband John Legend attended a wellness retreat in Bali recently, where Chrissy said she wanted to work on "resetting" her health.

In Bali, Teigen said she worked out, ate better, and avoided alcohol. Chrissy admitted she's always thought going sober was a "nutty thing to do," but now sees the positives in it after her Bali retreat.
"I would wake up feeling amazing. My skin felt amazing. I was just so happy."
Chrissy said she and John, along with their 16-month-old daughter Luna, have been traveling a lot lately as they prepare to start IVF treatments again.

Perhaps a second pregnancy attempt was the final thing to help Teigen decide to give up alcohol as she publicly addresses her struggles.

"I don't want to be that person. … I have to fix myself."
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