'Little People, Big World': Audrey Roloff Reveals Her Belly Has Now Dropped, Enters 39th Week Of Pregnancy

In less than two weeks, the Little People, Big World family is about to get bigger! Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are expecting their first child--a baby girl--by the end of this month. Audrey has officially entered her 39th week of pregnancy, and she can't wait to meet her little girl!

Audrey Roloff's Baby Bump Has Dropped!

Audrey Roloff has been sharing more and more pregnancy posts on social media in anticipation of her baby's arrival. From pregnancy must-haves to mommy advice, Audrey is keeping LPBW fans updated on her journey towards mommyhood.

In her more recent Instagram Stories posts, Audrey shared two photos showing her "dropped" belly. The photos were mirror selfies, assumably taken in a bathroom at their new home.

"How much lower does it get?" the 26-year-old reality star wrote, revealing her very heavy baby bump.

"Bottom of belly is now parallel with the floor."
Little People, Big World fans are officially on baby alert. According to Healthline, a dropped belly--or "lightening" in medical terms--happens during the last stage of pregnancy. This is one of the first signs that a mother is about to give birth.
"Lightening is one of the major signs that labor is approaching. It happens when the baby's head literally 'drops' lower into your pelvis, becoming engaged within your pubic bones. This starts baby's descent down and out into the world."

When Is Audrey Due?

Because every pregnancy is different, one cannot determine when the labor will actually start once the belly has dropped. This can happen within weeks, or for some women, just hours after. Audrey Roloff has previously announced that she is due to give birth on August 31. However, she recently shared on an Instagram post that baby girl Roloff can come any moment now.
"I'm a little over 38 weeks and I cannot believe our little girl could come at any moment... As nervous as I am for labor and delivery, I love that we don't get to know exactly when she will come. To me, it's a beautiful reminder that I'm not in control."
Jeremy and Audrey have been diligently preparing for their baby girl's arrival. They have just moved into their new home and are now finishing up the nursery room's decor. Audrey has had two adorable baby showers, the most recent one organized by LPBW matriarch Amy Roloff. Audrey also created a new baby clothing line, which sells the cutest onesies with her "Always More" motto.

With all the baby excitement, Jeremy and Audrey have not revealed what their baby girl's name would be. The couple is intent on keeping it a surprise and will likely make the reveal only when the baby has been born.

Meanwhile, Little People, Big World has started filming for the upcoming season. The new season will most likely feature Audrey's pregnancy, from her baby showers to nursery decorating and delivery. Their baby girl would be the second grandchild of the Roloff family, after Zach and Tori's baby Jackson who is now 3-months-old.

Lots of exciting new things are happening in the Little People, Big World family. Be sure to catch the new season once it premieres in September on TLC.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]