President Trump, Melania, And Barron Stare At The Eclipse: Melania Urges Barron To Put His Glasses On [Video]

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have been photographed more in public lately, and during the total solar eclipse, it was no exception. On Sunday, August 20, Melania wore her sunglasses at night, as reported by the Inquisitr, and Barron Trump donned a red t-shirt with a phrase about tiger sharks. Melania and Barron headed back to the White House with President Trump on Sunday after his working vacation ended. Therefore, the White House was the location where President Trump, Melania, and Barron stood on the Truman Balcony as they took on and off their solar eclipse protective glasses to watch the highly awaited solar eclipse on Monday, August 21.

Full coverage of the total solar eclipse was broadcast live on the web and on TV, as folks who traveled to the path of totality let out primal screams when the moon passed between the Earth and the sun, causing a "diamond ring" shape to appear as the sun peeked out from behind the moon with a brilliant shine. Millions of people traveled to areas within the U.S. and even to a cruise ship in the Bermuda Triangle that were all located on the path of totality, where people experienced the total solar eclipse.

The day seemed to turn to night in such areas, with the temperatures dropping as much as 10 degrees. As seen in the above video, President Trump and Melania took on and off their solar eclipse glasses, and Barron left his off for quite some time, until Melania urged Barron to put his protective glasses back on. Melania switched between her regular sunglasses and her solar eclipse glasses.

Trump eclipse
[Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

President Trump is the focus of other issues besides the solar eclipse. News that the Secret Service has run out of funding for the year to pay the agents due to the sheer size of people receiving Secret Service protection, along with his frequency of travel, broke on Monday. The nation also looks forward to President Trump's address of the U.S. on Monday, which should cover whether or not President Trump plans to ramp up troops in Afghanistan.

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[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]