Source Reveals Reason Behind Savannah Chrisley, Luke Kennard Split, Says She Ran Him Off

The news came out not long ago that Savannah Chrisley and Luke Kennard split after dating for just four months. Now, Radar Online is revealing what allegedly happened between these two. Savannah never really admitted why they split, but she did give a statement that sounded nothing at all like what the source revealed.

The Inquisitr recently shared the news about Savannah and Luke calling it quits. At the time, nobody really knew the reason, outside of what Savannah had to say about it. However, she did say that their time together had been great.

Here is what she revealed.

"The last 4 months I've been dating Luke have been great but as a young woman of faith I made the decision that with where Luke and I both are in our careers, it was best to part as friends rather than deal with the pressures of wondering if you are the only one."

Now, a source close to the Chrisley family is saying that Savannah is really upset over the split. The source said Savannah was certain she would marry Luke and that she even expected him to tell her that he loved her after just a few weeks together. The source even said that Savannah had told him "Jesus needed them to be married and she had already picked out the church and her wedding gown!"

The source went on to say that Savannah actually freaked him out and he didn't want anything to do with her after that happened. They were together for four months, and he is just 21-years-old. It sounds like he wasn't ready to get that serious so quickly.

When the news first came out that Savannah Chrisley and Luke Kennard split, Todd and Savannah both denied the news. They wanted everyone to know that they were still together. Not long after that, they announced the split and said that they were done and moving on. Many fans wondered if they had already split when the rumors came out about it.

What do you think about the alleged reasons that Savannah Chrisley and Luke Kennard split? Do you feel like she was pushing him too hard? Sound off in the comments section, and don't miss new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best when it returns to USA. The show will be back next month with new episodes, and maybe some information will come out about this big split and their relationship together.[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]