'The Sims 4' Next Expansion 'Cats & Dogs' Adds Pets, Introduces Veterinary Clinics

This November furry friends are finally debuting in The Sims 4. The fourth expansion to the simulation game is entitled "Cats & Dogs," and it is adding pets, new items, a new world, and veterinary clinics. Players will be able to create their own pet and even customize their markings when the expansion launches. Not to mention, Sims can become veterinarians.

In "Cats & Dogs," players will obviously find many breeds of both cats and dogs to adopt. When creating a pet, two breeds can be customized together to find that perfect mix. The ability to add custom spots, stripes, and other markings with Stencils is also included as detailed on The Sims 4 website. This allows players to paint their pet in any variety of crazy combinations.

Like Sims, pets have traits that dictate their actions and moods. Owners that care for their pets well will learn their animal's traits. Dogs can be trained to do tricks while cats can do whatever a cat wants to do in "Cats & Dogs." The trailer for the expansion, which can be viewed on YouTube, features dogs digging around or shaking hands. Cats can be found in many places both inside and outside of a home. For instance, a Sim might find their cat lounging atop the fridge.

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion features the Create A Pet mode with painting
Bond with pets to learn about their wants. [Image by Electronic Arts]

As an expansion pack, "Cats & Dogs" will include a number of new items for both Sims and their pets. A new world will also be available to players that purchase the expansion. New items for Sims include clothes like hoodies with cat ears, new objects include pet calendars, and pets themselves can be outfitted in attire.

Cats and dogs can be dressed in adorable fashions like lion manes, little shark suits for swimming, and tiny hot dog costumes. There are even hoodies for pets in the expansion. Bows, collars, leashes, and other pet accessories are also part of "Cats & Dogs" for The Sims 4. Players can also expect food dishes, cat trees, and more items essential to pet care.

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs adds the new Brindleton Bay world
The expansion features clothes for both Sims and their pets. [Image by Electronic Arts]

"Cats & Dogs" will also enable players to purchase veterinary clinics. Players can own and operate a clinic in the new world of Brindleton Bay, or any other world, to aid the locals' pets. Cats and dogs will make their debut on November 10 for PC. Before the expansion's release, players can get their hands on the upcoming "Toddler Stuff" pack. As the Inquisitr reported, that new pack releases later this month for The Sims 4.

[Featured Image by Electronic Arts]