'Street Fighter 5' DLC Update: Ibuki Joining Post-Launch Characters Alex & Guile In 'SFV' [Video]

The latest Street Fighter 5 DLC update revealed the next playable character arriving for the game. Reportedly, Ibuki is the newest post-launch character coming to SFV, joining Guile and Alex on the roster.

According to the Bit Bag, Capcom announced the latest DLC character update for Street Fighter 5 after the Combo Breaker Grand Finals. The awards ceremony had a quick interruption for Capcom's surprise promise that was previously teased. Apparently, this surprise was the reveal trailer showcasing Ibuki as the newest DLC character joining the cast of Street Fighter 5.

The exact release schedule for the upcoming Street Fighter 5 DLC character was not mentioned in the trailer but since May is already ending, Capcom has to release it soon, as noted by the Bit Bag.

Wearing her school uniform, Ibuki shows off her ninja moves and skills in the latest Street Fighter 5 trailer. Watch Ibuki's reveal trailer below.

Ibuki, according to Gaming Bolt, is the third DLC character arriving for Street Fighter 5.

Further describing the young ninja, the post read, "Debuting in Street Fighter 3, Ibuki was playable in Street Fighter 4 and has been a fairly regular character in the series over the years. Along with the ability to dash forward, Ibuki can stay afloat in the air using a small parachute. Her main attacks involve kunai which are can be effective for battling foes from a distance."

Check out Capcom's video game producer Yoshinori Ono's tweet about the upcoming Street Fighter 5 DLC character.

Capcom disclosed late last year that a total of six Street Fighter 5 DLC characters would arrive after the game hit the shelves, Gamespot reported. Alex and Guile were the first two post-launch characters that became available. Ibuki is next in line and the remaining three characters are Balrog, Urien, and Juri.

Alex, the very first SFV DLC character that Capcom launched became available in March. He debuted in Street Fighter 3 as the main protagonist of the game, Attack of the Fanboy noted.

"Alex has his own character story that includes three fights against Birdie, Chun-Li, and Ryu," it added.

Furthermore, gamers can choose from two different costumes available for Alex.

Guile, the second DLC character, which was released last month, is a "classic and returning world warrior" whose trademarks are Sonic Boom and Flash Kick, according to Event Hubs. Aside from these distinct moves from him, Guile also brings in new tricks in SFV.

The Street Fighter 5 DLC characters can be accessed through the game's Season Pass, which can be bought using real money or through the gameplay with the use of in-game cash.

In addition to the Ibuki character update, Street Fighter 5 players can also look forward to an upcoming new content. According to VG247, a free story mode will be available this June. It will take two hours to finish this "cinematic campaign," the report said. Moreover, Gamespot explained that the June update will "fill in the storyline between Street Fighter IV and the new game."

Street Fighter 5 DLC Update
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Capcom's latest entry in the Street Fighter video game franchise hit the market February of this year. Metacritic gave it a 78 Metascore and received a 3.3 User Score.

"Birdie and Charlie Nash make their return to the Street Fighter universe, where they join classic characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, and M. Bison," the game summary read on the site. "Many more new and returning characters will be added to the diverse roster, offering a wide variety of fighting styles for players to choose from."

Street Fighter 5 brings in new strategies as well as fresh battle mechanics that revolve around EX Gauge and V-Gauge, Metacritic added, citing the official PlayStation website.

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