Vicki Gunvalson Still Claims Eddie Judge Had An 'Unorthodox' Relationship, Comments Outrage LGBTQ 'RHOC' Fans

Vicki Gunvalson is doubling down on the rumors about Eddie Judge's sexuality. The Real Housewives of Orange County star recently blogged about Tamra Judge's husband and discussed reports that he had an affair with a man. The rumors are nothing new, but Gunvalson's choice of words has sparked outrage amongst the LBGTQ community.

According to Celebuzz, Gunvalson started her post by assuring everyone that she doesn't care about Eddie's sexual preference. She believes that Tamra should stop pointing the finger at her and start re-examining her marriage. She also claims that the rumors she spread last season were common knowledge inside her circle of friends.

"Just so you know, before I had that private conversation with Kelly [Dodd] about Eddie, it was already widely reported in the public domain his 'unorthodox' relationship with a gay man that adopted him as an adult. Kelly would have eventually found out about it herself sooner or later without me," Gunvalson wrote.

Many people in the LBGTQ community naturally felt like the comments were a bit homophobic, especially Vicki Gunvalson's reference about a gay relationship being "unorthodox." For her part, Gunvalson says she is tired of rehashing the rumors and believes Tamra is being classless for not forgiving her and moving on.

Tamra, of course, isn't ready to apologize, and that probably won't change in light of Gunvalson's new post. In fact, the RHOC star recently admitted that she doesn't want to talk to Gunvalson again and called her out for being a liar. While it's been a year since Gunvalson spread the rumors, her feud with Tamra is clearly far from over.

Bustle reports that Tamra has avoided Gunvalson all season long. On the most recent episode of RHOC, the ladies were forced to attend Meghan Edmonds' party together. Although they were at the same event, they didn't engage in a single conversation. Instead, the women bashed each other during personal interviews and were not interesting in exchanging pleasantries.

Tamra and Gunvalson do not have to be best friends, but they need to at least be able to talk if they want to star on RHOC together. Unfortunately, Gunvalson's latest blog will not help their feud. Fans can only hope that they work something out before the reunion. If they don't, then one of them might get the boot.

New episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County air Monday nights on Bravo.

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