'RHONY' Stars Luann And Tom Split Turns Nasty As He Allegedly Steps Out Again With Missy

While RHONY stars Luann and Tom have said that their parting is friendly, news that Tom is already stepping out with other women is throwing a bit of fuel on the fire. One of the main problems that came up on the RHONY reunion was Tom D'Agostino allegedly cavorting with Missy, the woman who seems to make an appearance at all of the parties. Fans of RHONY will remember Missy as the blonde woman flirting with Tom when he said he needed to remove his microphone. Well, it seems that Tom and Missy are at the very least hanging out again.

Cracks started to appear in the facade of the divorce of Luann and Tom when it was revealed that Luann's kids, Victoria and Noel, didn't get along with Tom. Reportedly, there had even been some yelling and name calling, and Victoria and Noel were not unhappy to see Tom go. Sources close to Luann said that Victoria, in particular, was prone to yelling at Tom, and he had started yelling back and using colorful language.

"Tom told her to 'f*** off.'"
Luann has stated that the split will allow her to spend more time alone with Victoria and Noel. She is so grateful for the outpouring of support from fans.
"Thank you for the generous expression of warmth, kindness, and understanding. Your support and encouragement helps me to get through."
Michelle Collins of Lifetime's Date Night Live was sent a photo of Tom and a woman who looks like Missy getting cozy out in New York by an anonymous source, and she posted it on Instagram. Collins could not believe that D'Agostino would show up in public with Missy so soon after the separation from RHONY star Luann.
"TAKE OFF YOUR MICS: TOM & MISSY SPOTTED DINING 2GTHR ON UPPER EAST SIDE. Has he no shame? At the Regency in front of everybody?!? Thx to my ~anonymous source~ for sending."
The comments in response where that "Missy is an idiot" and the other patron should mind her own business because the person taking the pic was doing "God's work."RHONY star Luann knew that Tom D'Agostino had dated Missy before he proposed to her, but the flirting on camera for RHONY made it seem like there was still something going on. Luann seemed to think that Missy kept showing up at RHONY parties because Ramona invited her, but Ramona denied it in a sing-songy voice.
"That's not true!"
And Missy isn't the first blonde spotted with Tom since the separation was announced. Tom was allegedly spotted just hours after the split was announced with a mystery blonde (not Missy) at a midtown restaurant. Luann was said to be depressed and devastated, but on the RHONY reunion, the ladies seemed to all have heard rumors about Tom's cheating since he married Luann.


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There is no word yet whether there will be any change in the RHONY reunion now that Luann and Tom have split.

Do you think the RHONY split of Luann and Tom will get uglier publicly?

UPDATE: 3:06 p.m. Some sources are disputing whether the woman in the photo is Missy.

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