Javi Marroquin Accused Of Being A Bad Father: Is He Abandoning Lincoln For Partying And Trips?

Javi Marroquin has kept himself busy since getting divorced from Kailyn Lowry. He has been hanging out with his friends, caring for his son Lincoln, and traveling the country with his friends. He is often hanging out and partying with his friends on the weekends when he doesn't have his son in his care. Because Javi is often sharing pictures from his parties and meeting fans, some people are wondering if he isn't putting Lincoln first. Of course, Lincoln has been spending time with Kailyn and his brother Isaac, as they have welcomed their new little brother into their lives.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now being accused of abandoning his son Lincoln on the weekends, as he is partying and traveling so much. On Twitter, Marroquin is often asking his fans where the party is next, and some fans believe he is partying too much. As it turns out, the criticism may be unfair. Javi finally decided to tweet one person who kept accusing him of partying too much and acting like a fool. The person may have felt bad after tweeting whatever was said, as the tweets have since been deleted. But Marroquin is still defending himself, no matter what.

Marroquin reveals that he will go out and party with his friends because Lincoln is with his mother. And based on Kailyn Lowry's Instagram posts, it sounds like he is busy getting family photos done with his mother and brothers. Javi was right; Lincoln is just fine. Plus, Marroquin is currently single, if recent tweets are to be believed, so he has the freedom to do what he pleases. If he wants to travel the country with his friends on the weekend, he should be able to do so.Of course, Javi Marroquin loves his son Lincoln, and he's often gushing about how his son is the best thing that has happened to him. It sounds like he is not abandoning his son, even when he is in Javi's care.What do you think about the accusations that Javi Marroquin is more interested in partying than hanging out with his son? Do you think Javi is making a fool of himself?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]