Missing Swedish Journalist Died Inside Homemade Submarine, Claims Inventor In Bizarre Case

Missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall was last seen with an inventor aboard his homemade submarine. Wall, who is based out of Brooklyn, New York, freelanced as a writer and she was doing a piece on Peter Madsen and his home-built submarine called the Nautilus when she went missing a week ago.

Wall, 30, who has been featured in major publications like the New York Times, the Guardian and Vice Magazine, was last seen departing with Madsen, 46, in his homemade sub on its ill-fated voyage last week. The last known picture of Wall is with Madsen on that submarine as it got ready to leave its port off Denmark's eastern coast on August 10. That picture is seen below in a Twitter post.

According to ABC News, when Wall was first reported missing, the Danish inventor told police that he dropped her off alive in Copenhagen before his sub sank. He then changed his story, saying that he buried her at sea after she died in an "unspecified accident" on board his homemade sub.

The inventor claims he was the lone survivor of the sinking of his sub at sea. Madsen, who was rescued the day after his UC3 Nautilus sank, said in court before a judge that "Wall died in an accident and he buried her at sea in the Bay of Koge, south of the city, " reports ABC News.
The sub was raised and there was no one inside the wreck, police report. Both the Danish and Swedish maritime authorities continue the search for Wall's body using divers, sonar, and helicopters in the area of ocean between the two countries. The waters in Koge Bay and in the Oresund Strait are the center of the search area.
While police are not releasing many details surrounding the case they did say they have reason to believe that Madsen deliberately caused his submarine to sink.

According to Copenhagen police, Madison is now being held on manslaughter charges after the inventor told the investigators that Wall died in an "unspecified accident" and he buried her at sea. This is the story he told "before concocting a story alleging his sub malfunctioned," causing the sub to sink, reports Fox News today.

He originally claimed he had dropped Wall off before the sub sank, but he changed that story to Wall dying on board the sub in an accident, so authorities have a lot of questions unanswered today.

The police arrested Madsen just hours after he was rescued at sea when his 40-ton homemade sub sunk off the eastern coast of Denmark. Wall's family talked to the Associated Press and they conveyed that her job as a journalist has brought her to many dangerous places, but today it appears she died just a few miles from home.

Authorities are looking for her body in the waters just a few miles from the place where she raised as a child, which is something the family said they would have never have imagined.

[Featured Image by Hougaard Niels/AP Images]