Leah Messer Asking For Love During Tough Time

Leah Messer has focused all of her energy on getting her daughters ready for school. Over the past couple of days, she's had to celebrate a few milestones for her daughters, especially Adalynn who started school this past week. As Messer reveals on Instagram, her daughter had a great first day at school, but it sounds like they are having a lot of fun when she gets home as well. Based on her social media activity, Leah and her daughters are doing well, even though Leah is now a single mother to three girls. And just because Leah is a reality star in West Virginia doesn't mean she isn't keeping up with what is happening in the world.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now asking her fans about what is happening in the world, asking where the love has gone. It sounds like Messer was referring to the white supremacist rallies around the country that took place recently, more notably the one in Charlottesville. One can imagine she's not happy about it, as she will have to explain what this means to her girls when they are older. Plus, many people agree with Leah Messer that the country is taking steps backward with such an event.

Of course, Leah Messer's fans had plenty of good news to share. There were many people who stood up to the hateful events that happened over the past week and they shared this news with Leah on social media. Hopefully, this helped cheer her up, as she was clearly rattled by everything that had happened.
Luckily, Leah Messer doesn't have to deal with this hate directly. She is caring for her girls in her home and making sure that they get to school on time. This Teen Mom 2 star isn't thinking about going on counter-protests or being active politically. She just wants the world to love again.
What do you think about Leah Messer asking the world for love again? What do you think about her powerful tweet, getting her fans to talk about the events that have happened in the country over the past couple of weeks?

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