Roman Reigns And Members Of The Shield Not Speaking To Each Other, Is A Reunion Impossible?

Even though Roman Reigns didn't win at SummerSlam last night -- thanks to Brock Lesnar catching Reigns in mid-air and nailing the F5 for the pin -- he's still one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE today.

However, as popular as he is, there are still some people who don't want to see the "Big Dog" win. And, unfortunately, some of those people include members of his former wrestling stable.

According to Wrestling Inc., Dean Ambrose hasn't spoken to Roman Reigns in weeks. The reason? Popeye's Chicken.

Apparently, you don't get between Dean Ambrose and his Popeye's apple pie.

"I'm not speaking to Roman right now. I haven't spoken to him in about three weeks. It all started in Huntington, WV. We stop at a Popeye's drive thru before the show and there's a whole thing with an alleged biscuit that didn't make into a box or whatever but basically, he stole my apple pie. I'm not speaking to him. I told him to pull over right now and so don't have any illusions of a Shield reunion anytime soon."

Now, it seems rather petty to stop talking to your team-mate -- former or otherwise -- over an apple pie from a fast food joint, but those apple pies are delicious.

Ambrose went on to say that Roman Reigns' breath smells like cinnamon, and we're not sure if that's supposed to be gross, hilarious, or downright sexy. It likely depends on your point of view.

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  • Fortunately, Seth Rollins has a much more conciliatory view of Roman Reigns (of course, Reigns didn't steal Rollins' apple pie).

    According to Wrestling, Inc., Rollins made clear that it wasn't in the cards for a Shield reunion to happen at SummerSlam, but he doesn't rule out the possibility in the near future, especially since all three of them are on the same brand -- the Red Brand -- now.

    However, Rollins also said that Roman Reigns doesn't need the help of the Shield to make a name for himself.

    "I don't know. Roman works hard, every single day, busting his butt, having great matches, being a very entertaining character on television, and he seems to be doing just fine for himself. I don't think that associating me and Ambrose with him is gonna- the man has main evented three WrestleManias in a row, you know what I mean? What help does he need from us?"

    Wrestling fans, now it's your turn: Were you disappointed that Roman Reigns didn't win SummerSlam? Do you think a Shield reunion is possible? Do you think Roman Reigns needs The Shield to reunite?

    Leave your thoughts about Roman Reigns in the comments below.

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