Is Taylor Swift Planning Her Own Total Eclipse Or Is She A Dragon Slayer? New Hints Arise On Social Media

Taylor Swift may be up to something and fans are trying to figure out what is going on. It seems that she has gone dark and silent. The pop singer has totally wiped out everything on her social media accounts last Friday, including all of her posts and photos that have brought such joy to her swifties. What does this really mean? There are many theories floating around, but there is one that seems to make sense, considering that this is eclipse day.

Taylor Swift is known for making music history and she is also one smart girl. The pop singer may just turn a history-making event into her own history-making announcement. According to Billboard, her social media accounts, as well as her official website, are all blank. They have been stripped naked of all things past as of early Monday morning.

Fans have been fretting over what this all means, but the more they had time to think about it, it all makes sense that Swift is possibly planning something big. Twitter has been booming with excitement after rumors are swirling that Taylor will be dropping her next tune, or album, during the solar eclipse on Monday. That also means that she is expected to name it after this spectacular event.

Taylor Swift announcement
Will Taylor Swift make an announcement today? [Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for TAS]

All of the actions that she has taken leads one to believe that this is all true. She has "blacked" out everything from her accounts. This could mean that Taylor Swift will wait until the moon starts passing over the sun to actually drop her new music to the world. Swifties may just get a double eclipse of the heart today.

The "Love Story" singer has just had her own emotional experience with the sexual assault case against former DJ David Mueller. Now that that the trial is over, she is moving forward with her life. New music from Taylor would certainly be one way of "shaking it off" and put these bad things behind her.

As everyone knows by now, Taylor Swift puts all of her emotions into her music as a way of expressing herself. It has been over two years since her 1989 album release, so it is about that time for the next one to drop, according to Swift's musical timeline. It has been an emotional year for the 27-year-old musician, so she may just be putting out some powerful stuff in the future.

Another indication that Taylor Swift may be in the midst of eclipsing comes from radio personality Bobby Bones. He sent out a curious tweet on Friday right after everything went haywire in the Swiftie's world. All he wrote was, "Monday. Eclipse, Etc etc," along with a link to the Billboard article. Does he know something for sure, or is he just speculating like the rest of the world?

However, there is now another new hint that may stray away from the eclipse theory. Swift has finally posted her very first tweet since the blackout with a very strange clip of what looked like a dragon's tail. Could this mean that she is going to slay a dragon? This could all be gearing towards a Game of Thrones theme. This is getting very interesting and definitely keeps everyone guessing.
What are your thoughts on why Taylor Swift deleted everything? Will she be having her own eclipse of the heart today or is it something else entirely? Stay tuned!

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for TAS]