Will The 'BB19' House Turn On Paul Abrahamian? 'BB18' Vet On Track To Cruise To Final 2

BB19 spoilers revealed that Paul Abrahamian doesn't appear to be on anyone's radar and they still run every decision by the BB18 vet. In other words, Paul is running the house and no one is challenging his alpha position in the BB19 house. Right now, it appears that every person left in the game (besides Mark Jansen) wants to take him to the final three. The Big Brother 19 houseguest could cruise to the final two and win the game.

Online Big Brother shared that Paul told Christmas Abbott that he wanted to take her and Josh Martinez to the final three. He revealed that when they get to the final two, one of them will win the $500,000 grand prize. Th BB vet told Christmas that he would be "okay" with coming in second place if that is what the jury decided.

Christmas stated that if it were between them, Paul would win "hands down." Paul protested that notion, claiming he rubbed Elena Davies and Cody Nickson the wrong way. Even so, Christmas believes a bitter jury would pick Paul over her. And, the truth is, she's probably right. Part of Paul's motive is to make Christmas feel as if he isn't a threat to win Big Brother. If she doesn't feel threatened, she will be more likely to keep him and take him to the final three. He will probably make similar pitches to the rest of the house, so he has a great shot at making it to the end.

Big Brother 19 houseguests know Paul is a huge threat, but no one is willing to target him. He has said that he only wants to help them get farther in the game. No one has considered that Paul has been manipulating them to do his dirty work and using them to get to the end. The BB19 fans have expressed how frustrated they are with the house and their unwillingness to target Paul.

If things don't change in the Big Brother house, Paul will cruise to the final two. As it stands now if he is in the final two, he would win the game. The only houseguest that may give him any competition would be Alex Ow.

Will any of the Big Brother houseguests target Paul? Do you think Alex could beat Paul if they are in the final two together? Share your opinion in the comments below and come back later for more Big Brother 19 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

[Featured Image by Instagram/Dead Skulls/Paul Abrahamian]