'90 Day Fiance' Star Mohamed Jbali Back On Social Media, Slams Couples For Being 'Fake'

After many months of social media blackout, Mohamed Jbali is back! The 90 Day Fiance star has revived his social media accounts after last Sunday's episode featuring his annulment trial with ex-wife Danielle Mullins.

Mohamed posted a series of new photos and videos on his Instagram account, Starcasm reported. It seems that the reality star from Tunisia is liking his single life away from Danielle, because he is brooding with self-confidence in his new posts!

"I'm still alive, LOL," Mohamed captioned his first post, a selfie showing his swagger and new facial hair.

In his succeeding posts, Mohamed explained why he was absent from social media for nearly four months, and why he has decided to return. Although he still appears on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 2, Mohamed stated in one of the captions that he did not revive his Instagram to talk about the show. He also slammed his co-stars as "fake couples."

"Yes, I'm back to Instagram but not to talk about the show [because] I'm not watching it and I'm not going to! I have no respect for some fake couples in it plus it's not the best place to tell a real story. That's why I'm out!"

It can be remembered that one of Mohamed's last social media posts was a Facebook Live video where he narrated what happened during his divorce proceedings. Fans assumed that his disappearance after this had something to do with this particular post, as it may have violated his contract with TLC.

In a new video, Mohamed talked about the reason for his hiatus. He stated that he purposefully stepped away from the public eye because he was "going through a lot of bad stuff."

"I changed all of my contact information — like, everything! Even my emails, my number, my everything... You know that I was going through a lot of bad stuff because of the TV show and some people that they are giving me a hard time."
While he did not directly say that it was Danielle who's giving him a "hard time," it was portrayed in the show as such. Now, Mohamed says, he's much "happier" living away from his ex-wife.
"I was trying to find myself, and I DID because I took some tough decisions in my life. And in four months, I made my life much better, and more happier. And I met some new friends."
Mohamed also didn't mention where exactly did he move after his divorce, but it seems that he has stayed in the United States. A commenter even confirmed that the reality star is still in Florida. Unfortunately for 90 Day Fiance fans, Mohamed's Instagram account has been set to private. Mohamed insisted on living quietly, away from the show's craziness.
In last Sunday's 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? episode, Mohamed went face-to-face with Danielle for their annulment hearing. Danielle was hoping to get an annulment so she could later have Mohamed sent back to Tunisia, but the Ohio judge granted them a divorce instead.

Later, a fuming Danielle stormed into Mohamed's pad to tell him that he's the "worst mistake" of her life. That wasn't the closure she was hoping for, but it's the next best thing to seeing him deported.

Currently, Danielle is super active in social media and has even bagged a contract with a talent agency for a new show. With Mohamed's return, can fans expect more crazy-drama between him and Danielle? Tell us what you think lies ahead for this ex-couple in the comments section below!

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 2 airs every Sunday, 8 p.m. on TLC.

[Featured Image by Mohamed Jbali/Facebook]