'Little People, Big World:' Audrey Roloff Throws Shade At Critics, Gets Astounded By Her Own Body

The Roloffs might be one of the most wholesome families in reality TV, but it does not mean that all of its members are immune from controversy. Over the course of Little People, Big World, several of its members such as Amy and Matt Roloff, as well as their youngest son, Jacob, have found themselves at the center of massive, newsworthy incidents. Recently, however, it was Audrey Roloff, another member of the reality TV family, who ended up attracting some unwanted attention to herself.

Audrey Roloff has caused some controversy in the past, with the reality TV star seemingly uploading a nude photograph of herself in the bath. Many of the LPBW star's critics slammed Audrey then, stating that her photograph was unbecoming of an outspoken Christian. Recently, a similar incident happened, with critics slamming the reality TV star for seemingly posting a video of herself fully undressed as she showed off her pregnant belly.

The allegedly risque video has attracted the attention of many Roloff family fans, with media outlets such as Radar Online reporting on Audrey's latest "scandal." Not to be deterred, however, Audrey has taken the criticisms in stride, uploading even more photos and videos of herself featuring her pregnant body.

In her most recent Instagram Story, Audrey posted pictures of herself at 38 weeks into her pregnancy. A couple of them were very similar to the video that attracted unwanted attention recently, with the reality TV star wearing very little clothing. Seemingly directly addressing her critics, however, Audrey posted a caption on the photos, assuring her followers that while her belly might be blocking a lot of her body, she is appropriately clothed in the pictures.

"Pregnancy really does make you appreciate the body God gave you. And yes, I'm wearing shorts under that bump."
Apart from poking fun at her recent controversy, the Little People, Big World star also expressed her astonishment at the way her body is developing during her pregnancy. Posting a candid selfie in the bathroom, the reality TV star wondered how much bigger her pregnant belly could become, placing a caption reading "How much lower does it get?"

Audrey Roloff is due on August 31, though speculations among the Little People, Big World community are high that the reality TV star might be giving birth to her first child a within the next week or so. If any, Audrey and husband Jeremy are already prepared for the arrival of their baby daughter. Baby girl Roloff's nursery has been set up by Jeremy weeks ago, and all of Audrey's things for the hospital are already packed. As of now, the ball is entirely in the court of Audrey and Jeremy's child.

Little People, Big World is expected to return for its latest season later this year on TLC.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]