Josh And Anna Duggar Misspell On Twitter, Pregnant Wife Attends Rehab While Waiting For Baby News

Now that they are about to have their fifth baby, Josh and Anna Duggar are ramping up their Twitter updates. Ever since the scandals broke loose in 2015, the couple retired from the spotlight to rebuild their family, but it looks like they are ready to have the public's eye on them. The post that Josh's pregnant wife wrote on Twitter is grabbing the fans' attention in all sorts of ways.

First off, Anna misspelt the first word in her tweet.

"Grat time w/ @PatchAdventures & friends at North Love Baptist Church tonight & grateful for their ministry," the pregnant wife wrote.

She may have been in a rush to get the picture up, thus the easily avoidable mistake. The picture is well edited with a cool filter, which shows that she spent more time tweaking the photo than her caption.

Secondly, Josh Duggar's wife showed that she is still pregnant. Just last week, rumors have been going around that she may have given birth in secret. Knowing that the couple announced the gender of their fifth baby back in March, the fans deduced that she must have been 16 to 20 weeks along then. That means that right now, she is entering her 39th week of pregnancy, which means that she may have one more week to go before her due date.

Check out Josh Duggar and his wife's baby bump below!

Third, Anna tagged RU in her tweet, which confirms that her husband, her father-in-law and his kids spent time in the famous rehab center in Rockford, IL. According to the center's website, it is "a biblically based, Christ-centered recovery program" for those dealing with addictions of various kinds.

"RU is an addiction recovery class, that started in Rockford, Illinois, and offers residential help for addicted men and ladies, that now has expanded into churches, prisons, and online resources across USA communities and around the world," the center reports.

The fans had a divided opinion on her choice to post about her husband.

"[L]ove seeing you and Josh together," a fan replied to her tweet. "God Bless you both. [I]gnore the haters, they will hate no matter what."

To that, a fan responded saying, "Yeah, hating incest, child molestation, and adultery… How intolerant of rational people."

Whether people are for or against Anna having her fifth baby with Josh Duggar, after all those scandals, they are all looking forward to hearing about the soon-arriving baby. When the Duggar family posted a picture of young Josh, they wrote in the comments about how his pregnant wife is doing.

A fan commented, "Just curious if Anna has given birth yet? Can't wait to see the newest Duggar baby!"

Do you think Josh and Anna Duggar went to the rehab center in Rockford, IL to give birth to their baby there? Or do you think it was a last-minute trip before he arrives into the world? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Anna Duggar/Twitter]