Will Arya Stark Kill Cersei On ‘GoT’ Season 7 Finale? Fan Theory About ‘Valonqar’ Opens Up Possibilities

The trailer of Game Of Thrones Season 7 finale has just been out. As we see most of the important characters coming together, seems like they are finally forming an alliance against the Night’s King.

The GoT Season 7 finale trailer shows Cersei Lannister, as well as her two brothers Jaime and Tyrion, and Jon Snow attending a critical meeting. So far, such a meeting seemed quite unlikely.

Jon Snow has always been determined that the real enemy is on the other side of the wall. He is probably the only person on the show, who recognizes how dangerous the Night’s King and the White Walkers can be.

Cersei, on the contrary, never believed in the existence of the “zombies.” According to her, these are stories to scare children. Now that Jon has brought “evidence,” she may be convinced.

While the said meeting appears to be about forming a critical alliance among all sides fighting one another, there is no denying the fact that everyone who is capable of killing Cersei is also present over there. This is where we have to decode the “Valonqar” theory.

Maggy The Frog’s prophesy for Cersei says that she would be killed by the “Valonqar,” which means the “little brother” in High Valyrian. It has long been speculated that it would be Jaime, even though Tyrion’s name has also been involved in the theory.

But, there are disagreements about the meaning of the term. According to A Wiki of Ice and Fire, “Valonqar” is not a gender-specific word. That indicates it may also mean “little sister.” And, that’s why Arya Stark’s name cannot be ignored here. Also, the term does not mean Cersei’s brother or sister, it can be anybody who is a little brother or sister.

The trailer of Game Of Thrones Season 7 finale has just been out.

If there is one person who wants to kill Cersei, it’s Arya. She is the “little sister” in the family. The Independent notes that Jon Snow often refers to her as his “little sister” as well.

The GoT Season 7 finale trailer shows Cersei and Jon Snow in a meeting.

With her ability to get another face, she may end up attending the meeting as somebody else and avenge her father’s death. A Reddit user refers to Arya’s style of killing and says she’ll feed Cercei a pie made of Jamie’s corpse.

“Cercei chokes on it.”

However, the condition is the person must have Valyrian blood. As the Targaryens have Valyrian blood, Jon Snow qualifies for the role. But, going by Jon’s noble way of dealing things, it may be unlikely for him to kill Cersei, when she undefended and alone.

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