Carrie Underwood And Mike Fisher Not Fighting Over Pregnancy And Retirement [Debunked]

Carrie Underwood did not force her husband Mike Fisher to retire from the NHL so that they could have another baby, despite a recent report.

Despite reports suggesting that it was the country star and former American Idol winner's decision for her husband to retire as captain of the Nashville Predators so that she could get pregnant with their second child, the allegations are now officially being debunked.

It was alleged by Star magazine this month that Underwood and Fisher were supposedly fighting over giving their two-year-old son, Isaiah, a sibling and claimed that the "Blown Away" singer supposedly urged her husband to retire so that they could focus on expanding their family.

"Carrie told Mike in no uncertain terms to hang up his skates, in a dramatic attempt to get more together time to mend their troubled relationship," an alleged source told the gossip magazine.

"I heard that she had become really unhappy with the situation. Having Mike home will be one solution, and I believe she hopes that having another baby together will bring them even closer than when they first fell in love," they continued.

However, despite Star's so-called source claiming that Carrie and Mike's marriage was on the rocks as they planned another baby, Gossip Cop is now officially retorting the claims.

Carrie Underwood did not force husband Mike Fisher to retire to get pregnant, despite report
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The site noted this week that the gossip magazine's source's allegations are "not a substitute for facts" and noted that the quotes given to the publication by someone alleged to be close to the Nashville couple "are not factual statements." They appear to be based on pure guess work rather than insider knowledge.

Gossip Cop also claimed that Star's claims about Carrie and Mike's marriage also don't seem to make too much sense as she gears up to host the CMA Awards with Brad Paisley for the tenth straight year in November.

"Given that Underwood would be the one carrying a child, it's not necessary for Fisher to retire for them to have another baby," the outlet pointed out, noting that a number of big time athletes have big families and haven't had to retire to do so.

Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher's marriage not on the rocks over pregnancy
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"While the tabloid is trying to make hay out of the athlete being on the road so much for his career, the same could be said of the singer, who has gone on four major tours in the last seven years," they also noted of Underwood's busy schedule.

Furthermore, Carrie posted a sweet message to her husband after he announced his retirement last month in which she admitted that she would miss seeing him out on the ice as Captain of the Preds, which means it's pretty unlikely she would have encouraged him to hang up his skates.

"I sure am going to miss watching you play and cheering you on with the rest of Smashville," Underwood wrote on Instagram on August 3. "But I so look forward to seeing what God has in store for you in this next chapter of your life."

Carrie Underwood & husband Mike Fisher not fighting over getting pregnant
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As for rumors Underwood is ready to get pregnant with their second child, despite speculation that the star could have been expecting earlier this year, Carrie made it pretty clear that there are no buns in the oven just yet after she posted a stunning photo of herself in a bikini and showing off her toned abs to social media in July.

She then joked about the swirling baby and pregnancy rumors and claimed all the speculation she and Fisher were about to become parents again was actually caused by a "food baby."

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