Why Kate Middleton Chooses To Repeat Outfits Despite Having Designers At Her Disposal

Being a royal puts Kate Middleton in a privileged position, but the Duchess of Cambridge exudes no doubt when repeating her outfits like most people do. Some are wondering, "Is Kate that reluctant to splurge on new pieces?"

This might not be entirely the case because designers are probably gifting her with clothes from time to time. After all, getting her seal of approval is an honor any fashion brand would gladly take pride in.

Recycling outfits is an indication of Kate's practicality. She is deemed by her style admirers as an icon who loves getting her money's worth. Several websites like Replikate and What Kate Wore have emerged to educate supporters about the royal's latest look.

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British blogger and beautician Kate Urbanska even runs a page where she recreates the wardrobe of Prince William's wife at a significantly lower cost.

Apart from checking eBay religiously for auctions of pieces similar to Kate's, she also hires tailors. She enlists their help if it's impossible to score a bargain. Kate's iconic Alexander McQueen dress, for example, retails for $800, but the blogger had someone recreate it for $128.

Fashion writer Simon Glazin tells the Daily Mail that Kate doesn't find joy in flaunting the family's wealth to the public that's sick of high-spending politicians. She wants to be perceived as someone who doesn't fritter away the public's hard-earned cash on lavish designer clothes.
"There has been lots written about the Duchess and Prince William's spending. It's likely to be the reason why she is thrifty with her wardrobe and often recycles dresses and coats. Even a Princess has to dress on a budget."
It is possible that Kate has been inspired by the notoriously frugal Princess Anne who has a penchant for repeating not just clothes but also purses and shoes. Some of her trusted suits are even older than her children. The royal reportedly has a live-in dresser whose job is to catalog and dust-wrap her clothes and accessories to make sure that they will stand the test of time.

The Reader's Digest reports that Kate's go-to trick to not make her repeated clothes outdated is to pair them with different shoes, hairstyles or pieces of jewelry. She might replicate the same outfit thrice but you will rarely see her donning the same adornments.

Kate Middleton recycles outfit
Left: Kate during the christening of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge on July 5, 2015 in King's Lynn, England. Right: Kate at the Last Post ceremony, which has taken place every night since 1928, at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Ypres Memorial on July 30, 2017 in Ypres, Belgium [Images by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Kate's admirers are free to source inspiration from her wardrobe staples, but if there's something the duchess can't give, it's an autograph. Per Vanity Fair, Kate isn't allowed to sign anything "because of the risk of the signature being forged." Her father-in-law Prince Charles nearly broke the protocol in 2010 for a flood victim, but instead of a signature, he simply wrote, "Charles 2010."

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