Climate Change: Trump Administration Disbanded Federal Advisory Panel For The National Climate Assessment

The federal advisory panel for the National Climate Assessment will be disbanded by the Trump administration. The group was formed to help policymakers and private-sector officials turn climate analysis into long-term planning. According to The Washington Post, the charter for the 15-person advisory committee expired on Sunday.

On Friday, Ben Friedman, the acting administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said the panel was not being renewed. In an interview, Richard Moss, adjunct professor in the University of Maryland's Department of Geographical Sciences, said that it was "shortsighted" to end the work the group was doing. He also gave a warning about the consequences associated with the decision.

"It doesn't seem to be the best course of action... We're going to be running huge risks here and possibly end up hurting the next generation's economic prospects."
However, NOAA communications director Julie Roberts wrote an email stating that she doesn't believe the action will affect the Fourth National Climate Assessment. She maintained that it remains a "key priority." Even so, it was recently reported by the New York Times that scientists were concerned that Donald Trump and his administration would "blunt" the climate change report. It is already been revised several times and POTUS has made it clear that global warming and climate change are not one of his concerns.

The state of the climate is a major concern not only to Americans, but people across the globe. If things continue the way they are, research predicts the world will be hit with "super heat waves" that could produce temperatures up to 131 degrees. It was recently reported that some areas are so hot right now, that birds are actually falling from the sky. There is even a heat wave that is being dubbed "Lucifer."

In a recently released report about climate control, things continue to look bleak. Last year, the environment hit many records, including greenhouse gases, sea and land temperatures, as well as the rising sea level.

On Saturday, Ed Murray, the mayor of Seattle, issued a statement on President Trump disbanding the climate advisory committee.

"[It is] an example of the president not leading, and the president stepping away from reality.... [Trump] has left us all individually to figure it [climate change] out."

Past chair of the American Society of Civil Engineers' Committee on Adaption to a Changing Climate, Richard Wright, was working with the panel. He is worried about the future with the panel disbanded.

"We need to work on updating our standards with good estimates on what future weather and climate extremes will be. I think it's going to be a serious handicap for us that the advisory committee is not functional."

What are your thoughts on the Trump administration disbanding the federal advisory panel for the National Climate Assessment?

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]