Solar Eclipse Glasses: Missouri State Parks Warn Not To Use PMS Promo Mart Glasses Sold By Agency

Solar eclipse glasses sold at various Missouri state parks and historical sites should not be used, according to KTTS. It was recently discovered that the safety of PMS Promo Mart solar eclipse glasses cannot be verified. Those that bought any can return them for a full refund.

On Friday, officials from Missouri State Parks issued a warning about PMS Promo Mart eclipse glasses. People should not use them during today's solar eclipse because the agency is unable to verify that they meet safety standards. According to Renee Bungart, spokeswoman for the Department of Natural Resources, it is unclear how many glasses were sold out of the 25,000 that the agency purchased.

Experts are warning for those who view the solar eclipse not to look directly into the sun. If eyes are not properly shielded, it could cause eye damage and even blindness. Many people are rushing out to buy the proper eye gear, but many outlets are sold out. Unfortunately, this has led to some sellers to distribute fake solar eclipse glasses.

The American Astronomical Society's solar eclipse task force has the names of several approved manufacturers. It is recommended to check the list before buying or using glasses for Monday's big event. The website also provides ways to determine if a pair of glasses are safe to use during the 2017 total solar eclipse.

Recently, reported that millions of free solar eclipse glasses were distributed to thousands of libraries across the United States. People flooded the libraries trying to score a free pair. However, supplies dried up quickly. The few that remain at libraries are being saved for special community programs and are no longer available to be given away to individuals. Unfortunately, this didn't stop some news outlets from reporting about how to get free glasses, even though they were no longer available. This has led the libraries to continue to be overwhelmed with visits, emails, and phone calls from those searching for a pair.

For those that are unable to acquire a pair of glasses for the 2017 solar eclipse, there are ways to create safe ways to view the sun on August 21. Try to avoid using instructions from random websites because of possible safety issues. Instead, check out the directions for how to make a solar eclipse viewer from NASA.

[Featured Image by Charlie Riedel/AP Images]