Shannon Beador Mocked For Weight Gain On 'RHOC' Amid Rumors Of Weight Loss Lies

Lindsay Cronin

Shannon Beador is going to have a rough night tomorrow night.

As she continues to battle back against a substantial weight gain, Shannon Beador will be met with mockery from her co-star and former friend Vicki Gunvalson on the upcoming new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

On August 19, the Christian Post shared a report with readers in regard to Monday's show, revealing that after Kelly Dodd told Vicki Gunvalson that Shannon Beador had been blaming her for her 40 pound weight gain, Gunvalson said that she had text messages and pictures proving that she was not to blame for the stress Beador was under.

As fans will recall, Shannon Beador claimed that she began stress eating due to Vicki Gunvalson's comments regarding David Beador's alleged abuse, which Shannon Beador denied. However, Gunvalson stuck by her claims and during The Real Housewives of Orange County's Season 11 reunion special, the women came to blows about the issue once again.

Shannon Beador and David Beador went through marital struggles during Season 10 due to David's infidelity and during Season 11, their relationship, which they repaired during couples therapy the previous year, was once again put under stress due to Gunvalson's claims against David.

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The nutritionalist also said that because Shannon Beador is just 5'5," her weight, which is reportedly around 175, is not healthy and could lead to health complications.

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