‘GH’ Spoilers: Jordan Confronts Jason About Sonny’s Shooter, Will Steve Burton’s Character Break Up JaSam?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of August 22-25 state that Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) confronts Jason (Billy Miller). She wants to know why Jason is trying to hide what he knows about the person who shot Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). She insists it is obvious that Jason knows something about Sonny’s shooter, but is keeping it a secret.

Sam Confesses While Jason And Sonny Prevaricate

Jason avoids answering Jordan’s questions and refuses to mention Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) name. However, while Jason and Sonny try to hide the truth about who shot Sonny, Sam decides to confess.

She makes the decision to confess after an enlightening conversation with Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) about her experience of hallucinations and delusions caused by toxoplasmosis infection. Andre proves helpful. The psychiatrist counsels Sam and helps her to confront the source of her anxiety and fears about Sonny. This leads Sam to believe she has to make a full confession to Carly (Laura Wright).

However, Jason and Sonny try to dissuade her from confessing to Carly. Sonny fears that Carly will take the information badly and that her reaction could complicate issues seriously.

Carly is predictably stunned when she eventually learns the truth. She is also upset that Jason and Sonny knew the truth all the time but kept it from her.

Will Burton’s Character Try To Win Sam Over?

Fans continue to speculate about how Steve Burton’s character will affect Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) relationship. GH buzz teases that Burton’s character will present an intriguing mystery when he appears in Port Charles with Jason’s old face. The plot, as teased by EP Frank Valentini and Burton in a Facebook video (see below), promises suspense and riveting twists.

“I really have to say that this story is going to be so kick beep that you’re not gonna want to miss it!”

Burton’s appearance in Old Jason Morgan’s signature plain black T-shirt convinced many fans that he is returning as the “real Jason.”

Some observers noted that in the situation where Burton’s character is expected to hang around Port Charles for quite some time (Burton has signed a long term contract), it can be assumed that he will have a love interest. CDL, for instance, notes that it is unusual for a major character to remain on General Hospital for a long period of time without hooking up with someone. The most likely scenario, according to many fans, is that Burton’s character threatens the survival of JaSam by trying to win Sam over.

Of course, this is merely fan speculation because it is quite possible that Burton’s character pairs up with someone else. However, many JaSam fans are unable to imagine a situation where the “real Jason” returns to Port Charles without staking a claim to Sam.

It seems certain, however, that even if Sam eventually sticks to Billy Miller’s Jason, an attempt by Burton’s character to win her over will shake JaSam badly. Sam will likely feel drawn to Burton’s character if he tries to woo her. However, Miller’s character will likely prevail eventually.

Other Spoilers

Anna (Finola Hughes) questions the expert after he finishes inspecting the diamonds. She wants to know where they came from. The expert confirms that they came from Hayden (Rebecca Budig). She later approaches Finn (Michael Easton) for help. She probably wants him to reach out to Raymond Berlin (Robert Curtis Brown).

Franco (Roger Howarth) tells Liz (Rebecca Herbst) he does not want to sell a particular painting which apparently has special private significance. Liz is intrigued by the painting. She shares intimate moments with Franco.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Ned (Wally Kurth) makes a request to Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). The request appears to be related to a deal he is trying to make with Michael (Chad Duell). Alexis might ignore Ned’s request at first, but she finally gives in due to his persistence.

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