NBA Trade Rumors: Kyrie Irving Reportedly Felt LeBron James Pushed For Cavaliers’ Departure

The Cleveland Cavaliers have yet to consummate a Kyrie Irving trade. However, more information keeps filtering out which may have revealed why he made his trade request. It was a request Kyrie Irving made that became public (according to ESPN) nearly a month ago, which left people scratching their heads.

Everyone wants to know why Kyrie Irving wants to leave an ideal situation with the Cleveland Cavaliers, one that has played in the last three NBA Finals. Also, it is a Cavaliers’ team led by NBA superstar LeBron James.

LeBron’s presence alone guarantees a spotlight for Kyrie Irving and anyone else who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is a shadow that can loom large over an insecure player. In Kyrie Irving’s case, it was big enough to allow him to grow on his own and reportedly want to test the waters of running his own team.

As long as LeBron James and Kyrie Irving are playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, it will be known as LeBron’s team. The Cavaliers are currently constructed to compliment LeBron James. The shooters and defenders the Cavaliers have are ideal for the way LeBron plays.

Kyrie Irving reportedly wants an opportunity to see what he can do with a team built around him. That can happen if LeBron James leaves the Cleveland Cavaliers via free agency next season.

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving are introduced to the Cleveland Cavaliers' fans.

Rumors of LeBron James and Los Angeles continues to gain some steam. According to CBS Sports, LeBron calls Los Angeles his home. That only adds fuel to the fire to the speculation that change is coming for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kyrie Irving has asked to be out one year early. Perhaps the reason why Irving wants to be an ex-Cavaliers player has been revealed.

Fox Sports 1’s Chris Broussard is reporting Kyrie Irving felt LeBron James had pushed (via Slam Online) for the Cavaliers to trade him. No one has confirmed or denied Broussard’s claims. However, a trade that nearly took place on the night of the NBA draft raises questions.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Phoenix Suns have been in discussions for a trade (courtesy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer) involving Kyrie Irving which have carried over into August.

One of the snags that the Irving trade has hit is the Suns reluctance part ways with guard Josh Jackson, whom the Suns took with the No. 5 pick of the NBA draft. It has been assumed that had they been willing to trade Jackson, Kyrie Irving would be a member of the Phoenix Suns.

The belief that LeBron James was pushing for a Kyrie Irving trade is understandable, but likely inaccurate.

It has been floated around that Suns’ owner Robert Sarver wants to win (courtesy of The Ringer) now. That may have led to the Phoenix Suns jumping into the Kyrie Irving trade discussions.

Sarver’s interest in bringing Kyrie Irving to the Suns appears to be legitimate. What needs to be answered is why Kyrie Irving wants to be traded. Right now, it seems to be a mere misunderstanding between him and LeBron James. However, it does not stop the Cleveland Cavaliers from shopping him in an effort to gauge his value around the NBA. That may have been enough for Kyrie Irving to want out.

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