Justin Bieber Reportedly Cutting Out Friends As He Gives More Power To Hillsong Church And Pastor Carl Lentz

Following a significant spiritual experience, Justin Bieber is turning away anyone who might jeopardize his newfound commitment to God. Radar Online reported that Bieber is giving his old friends the cold shoulder while his relationship with Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz grows ever stronger.

“Justin has stopped talking to a lot of his friends,” the insider stated. “He seems to have cut everyone out of his life except his pastor.”

Before devoting his life to God, Bieber was reportedly hooking up with escorts while on his latest tour. The pop star apparently had a religious awakening, however, and canceled the last 15 stops in the tour. He then started hanging out with Lentz and issued a statement on social media. Bieber informed his loyal fan base that he was focusing on improving his life and isn’t worried about past mistakes.

While Lentz may not have told Justin Bieber to cancel the tour, TMZ reported that the pastor has great influence over all of Bieber’s decisions. In fact, sources close to the singer claim that Lentz is the person behind Bieber’s newfound devotion to God and has been counseling the pop star on how he should live. Bieber reportedly walked away from their long talks thinking that he needs to devote his life to God instead of music.


Unfortunately for Bieber fans, this might mean that Bieber won’t be performing or creating new music for the foreseeable future. Sources indicate that Bieber is all in with Hillsong Church and is starting to switch his purpose in life to religion. Whether or not this means that Bieber’s career in music is over is yet to be seen.

Bieber was recently spotted spending time with Lentz at a restaurant in Beverly Hills. The two stopped for a quick talk at Maestro’s, proving that their friendship is growing stronger by the day. One inside source even compared Bieber’s involvement with the church to Tom Cruise’s work with Scientology. In light of how Bieber is cutting longtime friends out of his life, that comparison might not be far from the truth.


Bieber has not discussed his future career plans since canceling the remainder of his worldwide tour a few months ago. Lentz also hasn’t commented on the nature of his friendship with the pop star.

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[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]