Prince Harry Is ‘Pulling Rank,’ So To Speak, To Be Able To Be Closer To Meghan Markle

Prince Harry is throwing his royal weight around to get special access to his bae Meghan Markle. Specifically, he’s been give special “permission” to pick her up at the airport, right there on the tarmac, and in his own ride.

As the Express reported, British authorities would be much more comfortable if the soon-to-be princess, who is based in Toronto and flies between the two continents pretty routinely, would follow the regular protocol whenever she arrives at Heathrow. That means going through customs and immigration like everyone else, then being whisked away in a motorcade (or a nondescript car driven by a chauffeur), for her safety.

Prince Harry, being a Prince and all, is having none of that. He wants to be able to drive right up to her plane and get her directly into the passenger seat of his car, bypassing all of that nonsense. And what’s more, it appears he’s getting his way, according to an anonymous “well-placed” source close to the Prince.

“It’s been happening for a while.”

If you’re thinking the Prince goes completely rogue and ditches his security detail and all that, you’d be mistaken, says the source. He still has a police escort and a bodyguard, and they still accompany his black Audi RS6 to wherever it is he goes.

To be fair, says the source, Meghan and her luggage still get checked out by immigration. It’s just done privately, in advance, and on the spot.

“Meghan usually only carries hand luggage. If she does check a suitcase into the hold it is put on last so it can be located as quickly as possible. All the necessary security checks must be carried out in advance or onboard because she walks straight from the plane steps to Harry’s car.”

Dai Davies, former head of royalty protection Chief Superintendent, said that Harry’s actions aren’t all that unusual among royals, and that he’s seen it all before.

“Given who Harry is, given that he is accompanied by Met police officers and that any security checks would be preordained then I don’t find it that unusual.”

As the Daily Mail points out, Harry and Meghan do have another option available to them at Heathrow: the Windsor Suite, a special room at the airport where politicians, celebrities, and royals can go through immigration away from everyone else. However, the Prince likes to avoid this because, at £3,000 (about $3,800) per use, it’s too expensive for Harry’s tastes.

Meanwhile, Kensington Palace has declined to comment. Similarly, the management at London’s Heathrow Airport wouldn’t discuss the allegations either, citing the need to keep the Royal Family’s comings and goings private.

[Featured Image by Matt Dunham/AP Images, Pool]