New John Mayer Collaboration — News Follows Katy Perry ‘Still Feel Like Your Man’ Revelation

HNHH reports that singer John Mayer will be collaborating with Chance the Rapper.

Mayer and Chance the Rapper appeared onstage at Dave Chappelle’s show at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday. Comedians Jon Stewart and Hanibal Bures also made appearances.

Rumors of a possible link up between Chance the Rapper and John sparked up soon after they were seen.

The rumor was confirmed by Chance the Rapper on Twitter.

Fans bombarded the rapper with questions about a John Mayer collaboration. Asked if such a collaboration was in the works, Chance the Rapper gave a very direct response. “Yes,” he wrote.

John Mayer soon tweeted out the word “CO-SIGNED,” confirming the rumor from his end. Twitter went into meltdown mode as fans of the two enthused and shared thoughts.

Mayer has previously collaborated with Common and Kanye West. The “Your Body is a Wonderland” singer is known for his love of blues and soul music and he has also experimented with a country sound on albums like Paradise Valley and Born and Raised. The self-described “kid from Connecticut,” who won a Grammy for his song “Daughters,” has cited Neil Young and Jimi Hendrix as key influences.

Mayer surprised many when he said that he did not want his song “Daughters” to be a single in the first place, and that the record company had to convince him to put it out as a single. Mayer said that he was worried that having two songs like “Your Body is a Wonderland” and “Daughters” out side by side would lead people to regard him as a bit sappy. Mayer told an interviewer that it was akin to “the pansification of John Mayer [sic].”

Accepting an award for “Daughters” onstage at the Grammy’s, Mayer drolly admitted that “this is nice to have.”

Katy Perry ranked John Mayer as the best in bed among three of her ex-lovers.

Mayer’s reputation took a sharp turn when he dated a series of starlets and actresses including Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Minka Kelly, and Jennifer Aniston. Mayer raised eyebrows when he gave a tell-all interview with Playboy speaking about his sex life with his famous ex-girlfriends and making some off-color remarks about race.

Mayer was labeled a “douche” in some sections of the press following the Playboy outburst and another controversial interview with Rolling Stone. Mayer apologized for his remarks about race and for his explosive reveals about his ex-girlfriends.

Mayer’s last album The Search for Everything received a great critical response. The crooner seemed to confirm rumors that the single “Still Feel Like Your Man” was about his ex Katy Perry when he told an interviewer “I can’t play dumb… I can’t sit here and say ‘I haven’t done a duet with Katy Perry.’” The remark was made in response to a question about the meaning of “Still Feel Like Your Man.”

Many critics took issue with a lyric in “Still Feel Like Your Man” that describes how Mayer held on to his ex’s shampoo. The lines were clearly chosen for the beautiful phonetics, particularly in the words “and I know that you probably found yourself some more, some where,” which fall softly off Mayer’s lips but have a slightly disjointed feeling that echoes the main guitar refrain. Mayer has said that the guitar motif in “Still Feel Like Your Man” is like nothing he’s ever done before and compared it to a parabola that looks like a soft curve but is actually composed of numerous sharp straight segments, if you zoom in and look at it closely.

Mayer also references a previous song “I’m Gonna Find Another You” in the lyrics.

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