Tom Cruise Stunt Double Slams Into Wall On Same Stunt That Caused Star Injury Day Later, Film Not Delayed

There has been one major mishap on the set of the latest installment for the Mission Impossible franchise. Tom Cruise, known for completing the majority of his own stunts, recently injured his ankle on a risky stunt, that has now wound up halting filming of the highly-anticipated film.

Interestingly enough, it has now been reported that Cruise’s own stunt double had actually struggled with the same stunt, while testing it out. only one day prior to the actor experiencing his own mishap. The claims of the stuntman being slammed into the wall that was the same stunt which caused injury to Tom Cruise, were relayed by fans who watched as Cruise’s double tested out the dangerous stunt.

One fan and onlooker to the stunt man’s attempt at the risky jump states that “After watching the footage of Tom’s injury, the exact same thing happened to the stuntman the day before,” as the Mirror notes.

In addition, the daring double to Cruise reportedly was wearing padding, which likely kept him from becoming injured, yet when it was Tom’s turn to carry out the jump, he was not wearing padding. As the onlooker says, “The stuntman had padding so that must have protected him. I don’t know if Tom had any padding. I saw the stuntman jump, hit the wall and bounce off.”

Unfortunately for Cruise, the star will require four months to recover from the incident, yet Paramount insists that the release date for the film, which is set for next July, will not be affected by the delay caused by the accident and injury.

The director of the film Christopher McQuarrie, is also not concerned abut a possible delay of release date next year. The director explains that he will simply get to editing of the already-filmed scenes now, while Cruise is in recovery, as opposed to waiting until all scenes are shot and then editing all at once on the “back end.”

Cinema Blend shares McQuarrie’s words regarding his strategy to work around the injury and to avoid delay.

“In order to keep the release date, I will edit now instead of later. When Tom has made a full recovery, we’ll resume shooting and I’ll have that much less to fine cut on the back end,” the director insists.

McQuarrie also followed this up by reminding the media during an interview with Deadline that for this installment, the team has much more time than they did with Rogue Nation, meaning that Tom Cruise’s injury will not set the film back.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]