'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Finale Death List Update: Major Fan Favorites May Finally Bite The Dust?

HBO's hugely popular fantasy-drama show Game of Thrones is notorious for offing even its most central of its characters. Yes, the show just doesn't shy away from its killing spree since it premiered in 2011. Flash forward to 2017 with seven glorious seasons now in, the show is still cavalier with its reputation. [Tread carefully: spoilers ahead!]

Perhaps its most heartbreaking (yet weirdly fulfilling) death this seventh season is that of the Queen of Thorns herself, Lady Olenna of House Tyrell: the last living person of its often cunning lineage has ironically been provided with probably the easiest and most pain-free of death sentence in the series — poison. Obara and Nymeria Sand, two of Oberyn Martell's eight illegitimate daughters or also known as "The Sand Snakes," met their tragic fate when Euron Greyjoy's fleet attacked that of Yara's. These deaths may have triggered an outpouring of grief among its fans, (especially that of Olenna's) but these are nothing if compared to the forthcoming seventh season finale of Game of Thrones, which is now rumored to be laden with shocking deaths. So, who among them is finally getting their ultimate send off?

Maisie Williams during the seventh season premier event of Game of Thrones.
Arya Stark is the character that is being hinted to finally off the show's ultimate schemer, Littlefinger. [Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]

First on our list is the show's resident master manipulator: Lord Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. According to Mashable, Littlefinger may finally bite the dust this upcoming episode. The character has been plotting too vehemently against Arya and Sansa Stark just to drive a wedge between the two since the start of the penultimate season. He is either expected to be beheaded or stabbed by a Valyrian steel dagger by either of the two. Several outlets are pointing that Arya may be the last person Littlefinger would ever see.

Queen Cersei of House Lannister is also being strongly pointed to be the next major character to be killed off this finale. The mastermind behind the explosion of Sept of Baelor which claimed hundreds has already been scheming and plotting since the show's inception. As it goes, she can only do so much. And now that she has nothing to lose (with all her kids gone!), she may be the perfect sacrifice of the show. As to how she'll go, we're hearing a complicated miscarriage that will serve as her final undoing.

Perhaps the most mind-blowing theory the GOT grapevine has been suggesting leading to the finale of the show's seventh season is the possible death of Arya or Sansa Stark. Express reports that either of the two may meet their untimely end in the concluding episode this season. As per the publication, the previous episode "Beyond The Wall" may have already given a clue about the "offing" of these two due to the noted storyline. During the episode, Arya confronted Sansa over her letter to Robb Stark that asked him to bend the knee to Cersei.

Turner's Sansa Stark is also being rumored to be killed off in the concluding episode of Game of Thrones' seventh season. [Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]

Moreover, Arya has also given Sansa her dagger as an ominous warning that while she could end her life, she will not. On Sansa's end, she also followed Littlefinger's counsel to send Brienne of Tarth away, furthering the claim to their rumored deaths.

Meanwhile, the show has just released the final trailer for Season 7 with hints that Arya could be the one to meet her end at the very hands of her sister. The seventh season finale of HBO's Game of Thrones is slated to air tonight.

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