‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Live Feed Updates, New Alliance Offer Following ‘BB19’ Veto Competition

Big Brother 19 spoilers provide some live feed updates from early Sunday morning (August 20). The BB19 house just played out the Veto Competition late Saturday (August 19), leading to some new negotiations between cast members later in the evening. An idea of a new final three alliance was also proposed by the primary eviction target, but that person might just be too late in trying to pull this off.

A previous report by the Inquisitr that covered some of the major Big Brother 19 spoilers from the weekends presents the Veto results. There is new information coming from the CBS live feeds, but taking a step back first, Christmas Abbott won the Week 8 Head of Household Competition. Christmas then set Mark Jansen as the primary target but nominated Jason Dent and Matt Clines as the two nominees for eviction. The plan was to backdoor Mark if he failed to win the Power of Veto. Jason then won the Veto Competition.

Following the results becoming public on the live feeds, Mark Jansen decided to try to work on forming a new alliance to save himself in the game. These Big Brother 19 spoilers point to Mark taking a more active approach than the one Cody Nickson took when his back was against the wall. Mark approached Christmas with an idea that she could put in place at the upcoming BB19 Veto Ceremony.

Mark Jansen presented Christmas Abbott with the idea of putting together a final three alliance with Josh Martinez. Christmas told Mark that she would have to think about the offer, but it doesn’t appear that she is really going to put much thought into it. That could be a mistake for her, though, because Paul Abrahamian and Alex Ow already constructed a final three deal where they would take Josh to the end, as expressed in prior Big Brother 19 spoilers that got revealed on the feeds and then during a CBS episode of the show.

That alliance between Paul and Alex could leave Christmas out in the cold, as she appears to have concluded that Paul would take her to the final two. There is a lot of maneuvering that Christmas could be doing as the Head of Household to ensure that she makes it further in the game, but she is going with what the BB19 house wants instead. Mark Jansen is the target of everyone, so Christmas may be close to wasting her HOH if she settles on him as the main eviction target.

While Mark is trying everything he can to try to convince Christmas that a backdoor plan at his expense is a bad idea, she appears set on making that happen come Thursday night (August 24). That would make Mark the third member of the BB19 jury and yet another person evicted at the behest of Paul Abrahamian. Will the rest of the BB19 cast continue to let him control the game until the season finale in September? Will the next round of Big Brother 19 spoilers state that they want to give him the $500,000 early and save time?

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