‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 105 Preview Analysis: Master Roshi Faces His Toughest Challenge, Is His End Near?

Master Roshi of Dragon Ball Super can do many things, but he has one fatal weakness — his uncontrollable desire for the flesh. Unabashedly direct when it comes to hitting on attractive women, the aged fighter tends to drop his guard and lose his focus when faced with a beautiful adversary. Unfortunately for Roshi, however, his opponents next week would target this very weakness.

The short preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 105, “Brave Fight! Muten Roshi Stakes His Life!!” features scenes for next week’s installment of the popular anime franchise. True to form, Master Roshi would be meeting his toughest challenge in the Tournament of Power so far, the sultry, beautiful Universe 4 fighters, Caway and Dercori.

The short NEP for DBS Episode 105 featured Master Roshi finally taking an active role in the ToP, as stated by noted Dragon Ball fan-translator Herms98. Over the past few episodes, the Turtle Hermit has largely been fighting on the sidelines, using his experience and his skills to avoid getting eliminated. The veteran even eliminated a flying fighter earlier in the tournament, after Krillin was able to hit the warrior with a Destructo Disk attack.

In the first moments of the Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 NEP, Roshi could be seen walking through the rubbles of the Tournament of Power’s arena. Eventually, however, Master Roshi would ended up facing a threat in the form of an attractive and well-proportioned Universe 4 warrior, Caway. The U7 and U4 fighter would ultimately engage each other in battle, with Roshi almost falling off the arena. Another Universe 4 female warrior, Dercori, was also seen in a brief scene facing the U7 veteran.

Looking at the scenes of DBS Episode 105’s NEP, it appears that Master Roshi would indeed be having a challenging time with his opponents. While he seemed to be in control for the most part, the final scenes of the preview, which features Caway seemingly taking off some of her battle gear, appears set to throw the old hermit’s restraint to the edge. The final scene of the preview depicts Master Roshi blushing as he stared at the beautiful Universe 4 warrior.

If there is anything that was exceptionally concerning in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 NEP, it is the fact that references to Roshi using his Mafuba attack were shown. The attack, which is one of Roshi’s signature moves, is incredibly powerful. Inasmuch as it is formidable, however, it is also notorious for being extremely dangerous to use.

With Master Roshi using the Mafuba against his opponents from Universe 4, there is a very real chance that Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 would be the veteran fighter’s swan song. If Roshi does retire from the Tournament of Power next week, however, there is also a very good chance that the hermit would go down with an epic bang.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 airs next Sunday in Japan. The latest episodes of the anime are available for streaming in the West through services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]