Jeremy Roloff Describes His Relationship With Audrey As A Finished Puzzle Despite ‘Strain’ On Their Marriage

Jeremy Roloff put it perfectly when he described his relationship with wife Audrey as a couple of puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together despite “stress and anxiety” putting a strain on their marriage.

The Little People, Big World star shared a photo of himself and his very pregnant wife accompanied by a romantic caption that sums up their relationship by far. Jeremy said that “the beauty of a finished puzzle is found in pieces that look nothing alike, but work together perfectly.”

Jeremy penned the emotional note as a tribute to his relationship with Audrey, which apparently has soured a bit recently. He talked about how he and Audrey fell in love despite their differences and how these differences continue to test their relationship and help make their bond stronger. In the note, Jeremy described himself and Audrey as “two completely different puzzle pieces.” He went on to say that both of them were “searching for that perfect fit” and eventually found each other.

According to Jeremy, the experience of the past few months is a testament to how different they are. Yet that has not deterred the couple’s love for each other as Jeremy explained that “a healthy marriage does not hinge on compatibility.” Jeremy stressed that one ingredient to a happy marriage is the couple’s ability to deal with their incompatibilities.

Jeremy also quoted the late Robert C. Dodds, a psychologist and marriage counselor during his time, in describing what he learned from his recent experiences.

“The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.”

The 27-year-old reality TV star also reminded everyone that the beauty of the puzzle is found in its differences working together, not resisting one another.

Jeremy recently revealed that he and Audrey are experiencing a little strain in their marriage due to the pressures of their baby’s impending arrival. This explains why his latest social media posts centered on the couple’s differences and that they were able to cope with them and use these differences to strengthen their relationship. In Touch Weekly reported that Jeremy opened up to fans about his struggles with the pregnancy among other things he needs to deal with.

Jeremy explained to the couple’s supporters on their Instagram page, @Beating50, that he’s been busy with his house projects aside from helping out with Audrey’s pregnancy.

“We’ve been living in our home for a week now! I’ve been doing a TON of projects to finish up the remodel and Auj is 38 weeks pregnant! What a crazy time.”

The soon-to-be dad explained that the pressure of remodeling their home has taken a toll on him and his relationship with Audrey. Jeremy hinted that enduring a remodeling project and “some other large undertaking” has “put a strain” on their marriage.

“Sometimes things that should be nothing but fun can turn to stress and anxiety, definitely something we have experienced through this process.”

To his credit, Jeremy has been open about his feelings and admitted to having problems with their relationship. He’s also putting effort into their marriage by looking for ways to deal with the issues. Jeremy even asked their supporters for some advice.

“What have you learned about dealing with stress that’s helped? Please share!”

Audrey also recently shared her feelings on Instagram along with a cute photo of the couple. In the said post, Audrey expressed her appreciation for Jeremy’s gentleness, kindness, and patience. She even pointed out that gentleness is not one of her strengths which proves Jeremy’s point on being different yet working together perfectly like puzzle pieces.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Roloff/Facebook]