Kat Von D Unveils New Metal Crush Extreme Cream Highlighter Coming Soon In Instagram Video

For makeup lovers, there are plenty of big names when it comes to the more prestigious lines of cosmetics. One of those prestige cosmetic companies is Kat Von D Beauty, which has been considered by many to be one of the bolder companies in terms of their products and colors. Whether it is their bold eyeshadows, contour kits, handheld mirrors, or makeup vaults, this is a company that looks to bring its customers cutting-edge colors and products, which are also innovative and top of the line.

As Bustle reports, the prestige cosmetic company enjoys playing with their existing product lines and essentially upgrading them. In the past, Kat Von D has created a concealer based on their own foundation, and even made a matte palette into a shimmer one. Plus, as Teen Vogue pointed out, the company has been experimenting with a number of interesting beauty products lately, including their new Everlasting Glimmer Veil Glitter Lipstick, which was rolled out this month and offers the fun of glitter without the mess.

Now the company is taking one of their current lines of eyeshadows, and turning it into an extreme highlighter. In their latest move to be bold and innovative, Kat Von D is releasing their all new Metal Crush Extreme Cream Highlighters, which they showcased in a video on their Instagram page.

With their new Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter formula, Kat Von D is looking to “blind” people with their new bolder shimmer and color. In the video the company posted to their Instagram page to let people know that they were bringing out a new version of their already well-received Metal Crush line, followers got to see the prototype go from the shade to the sunlight. Not only does this extreme version of the Metal Crush Eyeshadows sparkle and pop in the shade, but once the sunlight hits it, the shimmer intensifies to an all-out glow that is even more impressive than it was in the shadows.

While the formula looks to be a very glittery cream, it does not seem to have any actual glitter in it. The shade shown in the video also looks very versatile and like it could be suitable for all skin types. There is no word as to how many shades may end up being offered in the Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter line at this time, or if the shade shown in the video will be a stand-alone.

Although this may be the first time that Kat Von D has offered a single highlighter, it is not the company’s first cheek shimmer. In fact, the company has previously offered something as part of their Alchemist palette, which was good for not only the cheeks, but also for the eyes and lips. Now, with this new addition to the lineup, it looks like customers will have an individual option to highlight their face with, and it looks like it may even be permanent if the packaging shown is to be believed, since the signature KVD and black packaging are all present.

Kat Von D

On Instagram, Kat Von D let her followers know that this new Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter would be coming soon. While there may not be a set release date for this new product from the company, with the news that it will be available soon, fans of the cosmetics line might not have to wait too long to get their hands on this extreme highlighter.

[Featured Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]