‘LPBW’ Star Audrey Roloff Gushes Over Jeremy For Patience, Thanks Tori & Zach For Support During Pregnancy

The Little People, Big World community is on high alert as Audrey Roloff, Jeremy Roloff’s wife, is expected to give birth anytime soon. With the reality TV star’s due date fast approaching, Audrey has opted to express her heartfelt thanks to her husband and his family for their patience, understanding, and most of all, their overwhelming love.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Audrey shared some intimate details about her pregnancy. Being her transparent self, the reality TV star gushed over how Jeremy has been with her every step of the way. According to Audrey, the whole pregnancy, while challenging in its own right, has been made much more manageable because of the help of her husband, Jeremy Roloff. Ultimately, the LPBW star stated that she is incredibly grateful for having someone like Jeremy beside her.

“You know, one of the best things about big milestones in life is being able to do them alongside your spouse. Jeremy has been so patient with me during this process. I really couldn’t imagine doing it without him. I have full confidence that when I need something, or even just want a scoop of ice-cream, that he’ll be off the couch and getting it before I finish my sentence. I feel loved and am thankful for a husband like Jeremy.”

Apart from gushing over her husband’s efforts to keep her as comfortable as possible, Audrey also opened up in the Us Weekly interview about her pregnancy cravings. Interestingly, Audrey remarked that she had not been craving sweets at all. Instead, her cravings had been mostly focused on sour candies and sparkling drinks. The reality TV star did mention, however, that her unusual cravings have been advantageous to her husband.

“I haven’t had very many, surprisingly. I craved sour candy in the beginning and have consistently craved sparkling drinks, but other than that no big cravings, which makes Jeremy’s life a little easier, given all his house projects!”

It is not just her husband that Audrey Roloff is thankful for, however. According to the Little People, Big World star, Tori Roloff and her husband, Zach Roloff, have been wonderful as well. Audrey even went a step further, stating that her pregnancy became such a great experience thanks to the love and support given by Tori and Zach, who have recently gone through a pregnancy themselves. Lastly, Audrey remarked that the whole pregnancy has all but strengthened her bond with fellow Roloff in-law Tori.

“It’s been so fun being able to experience this season of life alongside Tori. She and Zach are always so willing to answer any question we may have, or have us over to hang with Jackson and talk. It’s been great, and our sister bond is definitely strengthening through this process.”

Audrey Roloff has not kept her excitement over the birth of her and Jeremy’s daughter secret. Over the past few months, the reality TV star’s Instagram page has been filled with posts about raising children and how marriages grow with the birth of a child. Just recently, Audrey even shared a beautiful, powerful prayer for her upcoming baby girl, which, as stated in a previous report by the Inquisitr, has been received very well by her social media followers and the LPBW community in general.

The Little People, Big World star’s due date is set on August 31, but fans believe that baby girl Roloff might end up being born sooner than expected. If any, Audrey’s pregnancy has been a healthy one, and fans are hoping that her delivery would be as perfect as possible.

Audrey Roloff and her growing family star in Little People, Big World, which is expected to return later this year on TLC.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]