Audrey Roloff On Baby Names, Pregnancy Cravings, And Banning Cameras For Her Upcoming Labor

Mom-to-be Audrey Roloff will not allow cameras to film in the room as she gives birth to her daughter. This means Little People, Big World fans will have to wait for Audrey and the rest of the family to share photos to get a glimpse of baby girl Roloff.

Audrey told Us Weekly that Little People, Big World cameras will not be allowed to capture her labor. Despite being part of a TV reality show and the couple gamely sharing every important aspect of their pregnancy on social media, Audrey has put her foot down about filming the birth of her daughter.

Audrey said that the parents-to-be are planning “to keep the birth of their daughter intimate.”

“At this point I’m planning on it only being our midwife, Jeremy and our doula. We will have family and friends outside anxiously waiting, I’m sure!”

Audrey and Jeremy are expected to become parents on August 31, the baby’s due date. That’s just a couple of weeks from now, which means Audrey can go into labor at anytime. The Roloff couple first announced their pregnancy back in February. The baby was revealed to be a girl a couple of months later.

Like most expecting parents, Audrey and Jeremy are getting anxious with the fast-approaching arrival of their daughter. However, the Roloffs are also taking advantage and enjoying the last few weeks as a couple before the family becomes a trio.

“At this point, we’re just trying to relax and bring some calm back into our life. Jer has the house almost all wrapped up, so now we’re looking forward to spending these last few days just the two of us.”

Like most pregnant women, Audrey had cravings, though surprisingly not that much, to the delight of Jeremy. Audrey only craved sour candy at the start and sparkling drinks throughout her pregnancy.

According to Audrey, Jeremy took advantage of her lack of cravings by focusing on other stuff, such as getting their new home ready for the growing family. Aside from his house projects, Jeremy has given his full support to his wife. Audrey said that her husband “has been so patient” with her during their pregnancy.

“I really couldn’t imagine doing it without him. I have full confidence that when I need something, or even just want a scoop of ice-cream, that he’ll be off the couch and getting it before I finish my sentence. I feel loved and am thankful for a husband like Jeremy.”

As for the baby’s name, Audrey mentioned that she and Jeremy already have one in mind. The couple will decide on the name once they see their baby.

“We’ve got one name in mind that we really like, but haven’t fully committed on it yet! We’ll probably name her once we see her beautiful face!”

In a May episode of Little People, Big World, the young Roloff couple talked about naming their coming daughter. Jeremy said that he has no favorite names, though he wants something that is “a little bit peculiar, but not weird.” Audrey, meanwhile, said that there were a few names that she liked and that she’s looking for “something unique” for their daughter.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]