WWE News: Roman Reigns Says He Is A Locker Room Leader - 'I Swing The Sword'

A lot of people thought it was extremely out of the question for Roman Reigns to be the one who retired The Undertaker but has he actually become the new leader of WWE? Everyone knew that it was The Undertaker who was a true icon and someone that every single person in the wrestling business respected. Since the final match of his career was a loss to Roman Reigns, has the "Big Dog" become the locker room leader?

If you ask him, that's exactly what has happened.

One of the biggest stories over the last few months is the trouble with Enzo Amore. He's no longer in a tag team with Big Cass and has brought a lot of backstage heat upon himself. As Wrestling Inc. reported, there was even an incident where Roman Reigns reportedly kicked Enzo off of a WWE travel bus and forced to have to dress outside of the superstar locker room at events.

Considering a lot of people have had trouble with Enzo Amore lately, it isn't overly surprising that Reigns stood up to him. The thing is, that has brought about the idea that Reigns may have a lot of pull in the locker room and now, he's even calling himself a backstage leader.

wwe news roman reigns locker room leader
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Reigns was a recent guest on the Off The Board podcast to talk about a number of topics and Enzo Amore's name was brought up. The hosts asked Reigns about the heat that Enzo has brought lately and what kind of role he plays when that type of situation comes up.

At that point, Reigns responded and he wasn't afraid to say that things are up to him.

"I swing the sword. If I put the sentence down...then I lay it down. If you have heat, that's what a locker room leader does. He speaks up for the rest of the bunch. It's tough when you have so many cooks in the kitchen - I'm not the only guy who would speak up. But as the man that I am before I was in this business - I would have spoken up if something was wrong - to what I am today within our industry."

"I am a locker room leader. I'd like to think I've been afforded the keys to the car and I drive that thing around every once in a while. But I'm going to take care of it."

The former world champion went on to say that he wants to "leave this place (WWE) better than I found it," and that's his goal. The way he's acting and speaking, it's as if he already believes he is the one that has the control and the pull in the locker room.

wwe news roman reigns locker room leader
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While the issue at hand here is Enzo Amore's recent problems in WWE and especially his heat with other wrestlers, Reigns is showing he's not afraid to stand up for the business he loves. He is serious about wrestling and wants to make sure that nothing messes with it.

Roman Reigns has been pushed to the moon and back over the last few years, and WWE fans have mixed feelings about him. On Sunday night, he will be in a Fatal 4-Way for the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam as he is right in the main event scene of the whole company. He's landed in the spotlight in the ring, and according to him, he is also there backstage as he sees himself as a true locker room leader.

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