Charlottesville Crisis Actors, Race Riot Conspiracy Theory Gets 70,500 Facebook Likes

According to Google Trends, people are searching for terms like “Charlottesville actors” and “Charlottesville false flag.” Articles like “BOMBSHELL: New evidence suggests Charlottesville was a complete SET-UP,” published on, have gotten more than 70,500 Facebook likes in hours. On West’s Facebook page alone, the same article has gotten more than 24,000 Facebook likes and nearly 5,000 Facebook comments within five hours.

The basis for the conspiracy theory claims that a police officer in Charlottesville came forward to claim that the melee in Virginia was planned as early as May. The conspiracy theorists do not give a name for the alleged officer with the Charlottesville Police Department who allegedly brought together two diametrically opposed sides in order to start a radical race war – and were allegedly then commanded to “stand down” in order to fuel the fires of the race war.

The article cites a theory that claims Charlottesville police were told to bring the groups together, without much proof, and cites an article that spells Charlottesville incorrectly. Michael Signer, the mayor of Charlottesville, is being blamed for allegedly telling the police to stand down, without proof of the citation for such a command. The article also claims that the attacker’s car was not chased by police, despite the fact that James Alex Fields was captured. Signer was linked to former President Barack Obama and John Podesta in the article being spread around, blaming the Charlottesville violence on a wild hoax that claims that James actually supported Hillary Clinton.

conspiracy theory

With talk of “crisis actors” and “false flags,” it’s not the first time that conspiracy theorists have spread around such misinformation in the wake of violent attacks, like the one that occurred in Charlottesville, in an effort to change the narrative. With the post spreading quickly on Facebook, folks are adding their own theories about the violence in Charlottesville.

As seen in the below image, a photo of Heather Heyer was held in Boston Common at a “Free Speech” rally. Heather lost her life when Fields Jr. hit her and a group of others during protests in Charlottesville.

false flag

In previous tragedies, some folks on social media have blamed crisis actors for appearing on CNN.

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